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Shopping for gifts can be a daunting task during the festive season, and it's even more difficult when you're hunting for the perfect gift for your boss. A gift for him needs to be tailored to his personality but still needs to be work appropriate. So if you are out there to brown nose or simply want to show your appreciation, here are 5 perfect gifts for him this festive season.

1. Dry fruits and sweets basket

This is a safe bet even if the boss doesn’t have a sweet tooth. Accompany those chocolates with dried fruits and nuts, which nobody can resist. This perfect gift for him can help you score some brownie points with the boss when the next promotion is up. If he’s particularly health-conscious make it an all-natural dried fruit and nut collection – brimming with health.

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Chocolate Gift for Friend


2. Scotch

A bottle of aged scotch is bound to get you in the good books of the boss. It makes a perfect gift for him, if he has been really good to you and backed you up the past year. A fine scotch, such as Black Dog or a premium scotch blend like Black & White, is something that brings along a lot of class and elegance and this gift will says the same to him about you. 

Scotch as a Gift for Men


3. A fine pen

He approves, he authorizes and he needs a pen to sign. Gift your boss an expensive ink writer that will find pride of place in his breast pocket and complement his position. Your boss will remember you each time he puts pen to paper and you just might see him signing your promotion letter with it.  

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4. Laptop trays

You know he is working late when you see him at the office after hours and when you receive that email past 2 am. Gift him a nice wooden laptop board to ease the pain of working late at home. This perfect gift for him, which tells that you care, is certainly a recipe for a happy boss.

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5. Thermos Mugs

Everyone likes their coffee hot, and for a busy boss that is hard to come by sometimes. With an endless line up of meetings and calls, the coffee is sure to run into cold waters. Gift him a thermos mug that will keep that coffee warm and his mood in check for a pleasant work place. Hint: print a customized message for him on the mug for added delight.

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