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When in doubt, a bottle of Scotch can be one of the best gifts you could get a man. Because no man who has sipped on this liquid gold has ever come away saying that it would be his last. The pleasure of relishing a glass of Scotch is attached to a certain lifestyle marked by an air of sophistication, a keen appreciation for flavours, and an effortless respect for traditions and rituals associated with this historic drink which is why scotch as gift is an ideal idea for a wholesome present.

Looking for a good bottle of Scotch can be somewhat intimidating. This is especially true if you’re going to be giving the gift of Scotch to a man who knows and loves his Scotch whisky right down to the last lingering note. Here then, is the low-down on putting together a Scotch gift basket that will hit all the right notes. 

A Classic Pairing

Blue Cheese Gentleman Scotch Basket Gift

Pairing cheese and Scotch is easily an art in itself. The key is to identify the Scotch’s nose, taste and finish before you can actually experience the magic of this alchemy. You don't want either of the two to clash if they have similar flavour profiles. For example, a peaty Scotch shines really well with the well-rounded taste of blue cheese that is both smoky and creamy. Available on most of the local gourmet websites in India, including Nature’s Basket, blue cheese remains a classic Scotch and food pairings. 

The Gift Of Scotch

Gift of Scotch for Gentleman

Connoisseurs and enthusiasts love Black & White, an easy Scotch that blends a high proportion of quality grain whiskies. As much as it lives up to its reputation as the perfect post-dinner tipple, the famous old drink has also enjoyed a good amount of screen time. The rakish Marcello Mastroianni relished it in the sensational film of the 1960s, La Dolce Vita. We don't see why the recipient of your Scotch gift basket wouldn’t love it too. 

To Decant Or Not To Decant?

Scotch connoisseurs use a decanter to bring out the rich, decadent amber appearance of the drink, which would otherwise be lost behind the bottle’s label. Contrary to popular belief, using a decanter isn’t really so much to do with improving the flavour of Scotch. If anything, a good-quality crystal decanter, like this Ralph Lauren Garrett Decanter available on, makes for a beautiful addition to a bar. 

A Balanced Union

Few things can match the warmth of a bite of chocolate paired with a sip of Scotch. The flavour profile of chocolate is complex not unlike the intricacies of Scotch. Naturally, the Aroma Chocolate Collection by Royce’ makes for a tasteful addition to a Scotch gift basket. From the intensity of the 80% Ghana chocolate and the complexity of the 59% Trinidad, to the smoothness of the 37% Ivory Coast and the rare 34% Madagascar, this 32-piece chocolate box will let him explore the rarest and most complex cocoa from across the world as he savours his Scotch.  

A Solution For Dilution

It’s one thing to add a small splash of water to bring out the individual flavours of a drink of Scotch. Watering down a drink with ice cubes is quite another. For Scotch purists, whisky-chilling rocks are the only solution to this watery dilemma. Often made from soapstone, chilling stones are intended to provide a slight chill — between 8°   and 15° Celsius. Available on, this set of DB-Tech Whisky Chilling Rocks comes beautifully packaged in a muslin storage pouch. 

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Article by By Beverly Pereira 

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