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Whether it’s for a job well-done, a rough week at work or simply for that feel-good factor, reward yourself in a way that you’d enjoy the most. Think about what your heart desires and gift yourself a pat on the back!

Gift yourself a break

Turn off your cell phones, ignore your inbox and take time off for a much-needed holiday. Opt for a place that you’ve always wanted to visit, but never could. Break free from the mundane Monday-to-Friday routine and shake off all the stress. Have a blast and enjoy every moment at hand.

Reward Yourself Men Gift Ideas


Unwind with a Scotch

At the end of a crazy week, what can be better than sitting by the pool, listening to some relaxing music and unwinding with a glass of scotch in hand! And of course if you have some company to share the moment with – even better!

Reward Yourself with Scotch


Buy that lavish gadget

It’s time you stop dreaming about owning that much-desired gaming console or snazzy smartphone and instead just go get it! Gifting yourself that elusive gadget will only lift your spirit.


Give your stress the boot

Your success has obviously come with a lot of hard work and quite possibly, some stress. So relax and get yourself an invigorating massage. While you’re there, you also might want to spruce up with a facial, a manicure and a pedicure as well.


Try retail therapy

Go on a shopping spree and treat yourself to some much-needed retail therapy. Let the shopaholic in you go berserk and pick some trendy clothes and other fashionable goodies. Ask a friend to tag along to make the entire experience more rewarding.



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