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Whenever you’re sitting at home in front of your laptop browsing through ecommerce sites looking for gifts for your best buddy’s birthday or wedding, take a moment and think about all those times the two of you spent together. Wouldn’t be amazing to relax and relive those memories? Well, you can and so can he. Pick out gifts that make him remember the past, here are few you can consider.  


Quirky teacher coasters

Gifts for College boy

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Make a list of all the funny things your teacher’s used to say and have them printed on coasters. This gift is sure to take your best buddy on a hilarious nostalgia trip. Don’t forget to mention the name of each teacher and the class, just in case your buddy has a poor memory.


A bottle of scotch as gift

Scotch is the best gift for men

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That first drink your best buddy and you had together when you came of legal drinking age is a memory that he will never forget. All the suspense, the childlike fear and the first sip. Well, years might have passed but memories never fade. Gift your buddy a Scotch Whisky Collection to unwrap and unwind to much-cherished memories. Or better, still, drink it together.


The college jersey   

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Yes, everybody in your batch got one, you wore it with pride even for a couple of years after you graduated. It already has you thinking about college days doesn’t it? Well, your best buddy would too. And chances are, he’s grown a several sizes since college. It’s easy to buy a jersey and have your college logo printed on it nowadays, so go ahead, gift your buddy a college jersey and a whole lot of memories with it.


A movie poster

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Remember all those times you bunked classes to go watch a movie and the movie turned out so bad that you wish you had just attended class instead? That’s a memory worth gifting, there are a lot of websites that still sell those movie posters, gift him one and you can be sure that he will laugh out loud when he sees it.


A photo collage

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In today’s digital era we have cloud storage and smartphones to make real time memories, but imagine the nostalgia that your best buddy will feel when he looks at pictures of your friends group on his wall just above his bar cabinet. Now that’s a memory worth gifting. Make it a little creative for your buddy and put the pictures into a collage photo frame. And if you want something more discrete and practical, consider printing it on a fridge magnet or mug.

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