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Sometimes you get confused what to gift when you don’t know much about the person you’re gifting, but guess what, if you’re gifting a gentlemen you’re in luck. Here’s a list of gifts for men that any gentleman will love.


A classy shaving kit

Gift Ideas for Gentleman

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Gentlemen take that extra care to look dapper, they like to take time in ensuring that they appear presentable at all times, even when they’re at home. So gifting him a classy shaving kit will make him feel great, not just while receiving it, but every time he shaves too.


A bottle of scotch as a gift

It could be after a successful day’s work or just a relaxing weekend at home, scotch never fails to notch-up the feel good factor. Gift him a bottle for his Scotch Whisky Collection and he’ll always remember you whenever he sips on it.

Scotch Gift for Gentleman


A golf cap

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There’s always a semi-formal look that every gentleman likes to sport every once in a while. Be it during the summer or winter, a golf cap will go with the ensemble really well. So gift him one, and who knows, he might just consider taking up golf as a hobby, and if he already plays, you know that you’ve got him the right gift.    


Clothing Accessories

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How perfect is too perfect? Ask a gentleman who’s very particular about wearing things the way they were meant to be. Make it a classy tie pin, a dapper set of cufflinks or a set of classic shirt stays, these are gifts that last and cherished for a lifetime.


A nostalgic leather journal

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Successful gentlemen love to keep a journal, it helps them measure their success and keep track of their lives. It could also be the raw material for a biography if you’re gifting an important man. So gift him a classic leather-bound journal.

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