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Scotch was first produced (roughly) in the 1400s, and slowly went on to make its way into jazz bars and five stars around the globe. Because of its price and distinctive taste, it became a prized possession among liquor connoisseurs. They are also prized gifts, cherished by the tasteful and the elite. Let's look at some reasons for this expensive tipple making for an ideal gifting item.

You Are Gifting A Person You Have Respect For

Scotch as Gift

You gift a bottle of Scotch because you draw similar traits between the drink and the person – strong, carefree, and independent.

Every Bottle Of Scotch Comes with A Story Of Its Own

Scotch as a Gift for Men
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Just like a musical instrument, a bottle of Scotch comes with a back story that is unique to it. Aspects such as legacy, brand, taste, its origin all make for a fascinating story, something a Scotch drinker will cherish for years to come. Your gift will be appreciated for a long time, rest assured.

Shows You Are As Classy As The Person Receiving It

Scotch whiskey drinkers have character, and there is no denying that. They are interesting, worldly, and have an air of mystery to them. So, if you gift someone a bottle of Scotch, it indicates that both of you are all about class.

Clearly Announces That You Have Arrived In Life

Oh, yes, it does, because they are oh-so-expensive! (depending on the age and rarity). A valuable gift is cherished for a long time to come.

Shows That You Admire The Receiver's Individuality

A scotch consumer is like no other. He is someone who is bold yet not loud. Someone who do not compromise. By gifting them scotch you are openly admiring and respecting the person's individuality. What better gift than one that seals that admiration, eh? 

It’s a Classic

People have been producing scotch since the 1400s, and it (like good music) is considered classy till this very day. The next time you pour out a peg, make sure you cherish it more than ever.  

Shows You Care About What You Gift

It means that you are particular when it comes to gifting, because it is a sign of sophistication. 

You Know The Person Well Enough To Understand His Taste

We are not sure about other things, but you would not gift a bottle of Scotch to anyone and everyone. You pick one only when you know them well enough. 

A Collector Can Never Have Enough

They make for an even better gift if your friend is a Scotch collector! Can you imagine the joy on his/her face when he/she finds you have brought them that rare vintage that was missing from their liquor cabinet?

It’s the Water of Life

Whiskey comes from the Gaelic word 'Uisge Beatha', which means 'Water Of life'. One more reason to gift Scotch, right? 

This Gift From You Has A Long Shelf Life

An unopened bottle of Scotch is good for 100 years; once opened, it is good for 5 years! If that doesn't symbolise the longevity of the friendship or relationship you hold with the person you are gifting to, nothing else will.    

So, next time you think of buying the perfect gift, look out for Scotch Whisky Collection in a store nearby.

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