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“Luxury must be comfortable or it is not luxury” – Coco Chanel

If you know a man who loves his Scotch, you can help him be the star and envy of this party season with these bar accessories. Pick up one of these gifts for men today!

Nothing spells success like a great party! Those who love their drinks are usually fastidious about their bar and alcohol collection. There is no room for any level of mediocrity; right from purchasing a top notch bar unit, funky or stylish bar stools, eclectic beer mugs, exquisite champagne flutes, the best quality highball glasses and most importantly, the alcohol collection! 

Bar collectibles are an all time favourite amongst those who entertain extensively in their personal spaces and for them, no bar accessory is ever enough. There is something extremely gratifying about owning that slice of bar accessory that friends or contemporaries don’t have. 

Trunks Company introduces its Bar Cabinet Trunk which is an elaborately handcrafted case in full-grained leather and suede interiors. It has elegant teakwood contouring and brass hardware giving it a rich yet understated feel. The trunk opens to exhibit its opulence and is complete with LED-illuminated mirrors above the workstation, an inbuilt Bose music system, made-to-measure niches and drawers for glasses, bottles and a wine cellar at the base. It gives ‘being there in spirit’ a whole new meaning!

Bar Cabinet Gift for Men

No bar is complete without the quintessential ice maker! Cirrus Press, the luxury bar accessory makes ice balls for your drinks. An ice ball or sphere has the least surface area of any solid and this creates a minimal contact between the ice & the alcohol resulting in the slowest possible melting of ice. Originally created for high end Scotch or whiskey, ice spheres are now utilized in a variety of creative drinks and cocktails. It comes with an actuator which helps lift the ice out, a large drip tray and large tongs which are sold separately. (Price on request)

Whiskey Glass as Gift for Men

This season, put your sheathed feet forward and entertain in glorious Pitcher style! Roberto Cavalli’s understated yet luxurious Monogram Platinum Collection has some of the finest and most exquisite items to choose from. For the ultimate hedonistic pitcher perfect experience, crafted from 24% lead crystal, this is an integral accessory when it comes to making a luxury statement. (Price on request)

Often too much water dilutes and spoils good single malt. To ensure the perfect blend of icy temperature and a good drink, whiskey stones are in fact the perfect and a must have bar accessory! These cubes of Vermont soapstone can be chilled in the freezer like ice and then added to a drink. This keeps your drink cool for a long period of time without diluting it, resulting in the perfect whiskey experience! (Price on request)

Not for the faint hearted, Alissia Melka-Teichroew's The Inside Out Glassware collection is breathtaking! Each martini glass, champagne flute and shooters with their distinctive futuristic designs takes bar accessories notches higher. The designs have a reversibility element to them wherein a traditional glass reverses its form and the shape that holds a drink is now inset into a tube of glass instead. The perfect leap from conventional shapes and designs! (Price on request)


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Interesting Gift Ideas for Men who can enjoy his gift with his friends.