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published time By Ujjwala published time 17 Jun, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
I moved to a new city recently and saying that it has been a roller coaster ride, is an understatement. It seems all jazzy at first but when you have to wash your dirty laundry yourself and figure out your dabba for the next day, that’s when you miss all the comfort you took for granted at home. 
But don’t be disheartened. There are some perks too when it comes to doing everything on your own. Other the obvious perk of being independent, you also get to stay out without having mummy call you 10 times in a row. And, you get to have as many house parties as you want. 
So, if you’re wondering how exactly life is when you live with your family and when you live alone then you should keep scrolling. Here’s a list just for you! 
1. ‘Chahe duniya idhar ki udhar ho jaye, maa hamesha khaana banati thi’
Differences Between Living With Family And Living Alone
2. Raise your hands if you also have a mountain of clothes sitting in your room! 
Differences Between Living With Family And Living Alone
3. How do mums even do that? It’s as if they have some superpower. 
4. Well, sometimes, I do miss my mom calling me home. 
5. Asking your parents for permission is an art which only a few can master. It comes after a lot of patience, precision, and perseverance. 
6. How dare we throw the trash anywhere but the trash bin?
7. Forget about missing parties. This is the real FOMO.
The truth is, all I want to do is go back to my mum! Share it with your friends if you can relate.