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published time By Ujjwala published time 17 Apr, 2019 Share image 0 Shares
Where has all the time gone? I mean only yesterday; we were chilling with our college yaars in the canteen. And, now so many years later, we are looking back on those good ol’ days. Wasn’t life just easy back then? 
The only deadline that was looming over our heads was of assignments. The magach-maari of notes, attendance and finally the end semester exam, stressed us out. But boy, it was all worth it in the end. And, if I get a chance to relive it all over again, it would take it in a heartbeat. 
Since nobody has invented the time machine yet (sigh) we can’t actually go back in time. But what we can do is rely on dear Miss Nostalgia. So, here are some dialogues that will make you miss your college yaars.
1. Chal Yaar Canteen Chalte Hai
Haven’t we all been there? Sneakily looking around for chairs and ordering samosas. Ah, those were the days! 
Dialogues That Will Make You Miss Your College Yaar
2. Kitna Padha?
Remember how stressed we used to get when we had an exam the next day and didn’t know where to even start. Standing outside the hall and asking your friend, “Oye, pura padh liya kya?”
Dialogues That Will Make You Miss Your College Yaar
3. Yaar Proxy Lagade Na, Please
Did you have that one yaar who made sure to give proxy? I did and I still mention them in my bedtime prayers sometimes. 
4. Chal Maggi Khaate Hai
After those classes, Maggi was the only thing that crossed our minds. And, college canteen ki baat hi alag thi! 
5. Aaj Khaane ka Bill Tu Bharega 
Ek toh paise kam, upar se itni saari bhook. Kare toh kya kare?
6. Chal Goa Chalte Hai
I can’t even remember how many times I made Goa plans with my friends which eventually got cancelled. Five years later, I still haven’t gone to Goa. 
7. Iss Baar Pakka Fail
That scary moment when we left the exam hall not knowing what the fate would have in store for us. And, annoyingly there used to be this one person who discussed the entire question paper. *shoots them mentally in the head*
8. Chal Contri Karte Hai
Did you also hunt your wallet to find long lost change to contribute? If yes, then you are not the only one. 
9. Assignment Likh Do Yaar 
I don’t know about you, but I used to ask my best friend to write my assignments for me and in turn, I used to treat her with Maggi. Were you the one who used to write assignments or were you just like me? 
10. Tere Paas Notes Hain Kya? 
If you do, please xerox wale ke paas chodd do.
11. Phone Recharge Kara de 
This one is a classic. You remember those chota recharge you used to get? Bas yaar hi toh jo recharge karte the. 
12. Kitna Miss call dega? Kabhi Toh Call Kar
And, when we were out of balance, we resorted to the good old way of giving a miss call. 
Ah, I so wish I could relive those days all over again. If you think so too, then let us know in the comments below.