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published time By Saylee published time 08 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and if you’re like me I’m sure you’re frantically looking for last minute gift ideas.
While the cliché chocolates, flowers, and cards are fine, cause mom loves you, why not go an extra mile this year?
I went on a spree to find the coolest of gifts you could surprise your lovely lady with and I stumbled upon a list of amazing ideas.
Read on to discover gifting options that’ll surely put up the brightest smile on her pretty face!

For The Mom Who’s Bored Of Drinking Coffee
If you know a momma who’s all about her morning cuppa joe, you know she’s got a collection of mugs that would put a gift shop to shame. So yes, while you consider not further expanding the collection, consider changing the choice of drink instead. This Mother’s Day, switch things up for her by gifting her a Matcha kit instead. This trendy tea set is sure to hit ‘refresh’ in her morning routine with it’s easy-to-follow steeping instructions, and even a cute little bamboo whisk!
Get it here.
Cool Mother’s Day Gifts For A Woman Who's More Than A Mom

For The Mom Who’s Counting Calories (And Steps)
This one is for the mom who’s head-over-heels in love with yoga, gym, and basically all things work out. Get her to upgrade her fit and fab journey with a cool new gadget. A lightweight, water-proof smartwatch, it will help her reach her fitness goals, with personalised guidance, on-screen workouts and more. Plus, with its music and quick reply options, she would totally love her new partner in time!
Get it here.
Cool Mother’s Day Gifts For A Woman Who's More Than A Mom

For The Mom Who Is All For Retail Therapy
A healthy dose of pampering and retail therapy is the best kind of self-love a mom could get on Mother’s Day. Let her wander through all the different aisles and nooks of her favourite supermarket and bring all her MasterChef fantasies to life. Oh, and don’t mind her going overboard with the shopping cart. Imagine all the tasty treats you’ll be whipping up when you’ll don some MasterChef hats later! Like they say, when in doubt – go shopping!

For The Mom Who Still Isn’t Over Her Italy Trip
We all know of a mom who loved her #travelgram. From taking mini vacations around the country to going on full-fledged international ones, she loves to explore and eat! And if your special lady is just back from a trip to Italy, she’ll surely be craving some authentic handmade pasta. Brighten up her day with an automatic device which does just that. With this innovative gadget, she can make all sorts of noodles, pastas, dumplings, and even gujiya within minutes. Life is after all, a combination of magic and pasta!
Get it here.

For The One Who Likes To Pen Her Musings
This undercover poetess might have words swimming around in her mind… even during work meetings! Or she could be a wordsmith who wows everyone with her story-telling and presentation skills. Whatever her skill may be, gift her a medium to pen down those thoughts, on her special day. Find her a diary that best matches her personality and let her fly free with her lyrics and expressions!
Get it here.

For The Mom Who Always Needs A Lunch Reminder
This one is dedicated to the mom who keeps nagging you to carry your lunch along but always forgets to eat when it’s her turn. A perfect solution for this would be to gift her a bag that serves as a delicious, trendy reminder! This one from Chumbak is all sorts of kitsch, with pops of colours to compliment the personality of a fun-loving momma. Boring lunches? Your mom will never have those ever again!
Get it here.

For The Mom Who’s A Budding Mixologist
And lastly, we have a gift for the mom who’s an all out entertainer. From mixing up exciting cocktails to throwing the most creative of bashes, she’s literally the life of the party! And what better way to say thanks to her than to gift her a spirit that’s ageless, just like her. Johnnie Walker Blue Label is an exquisite combination of Scotland’s rarest and most exceptional whiskies, making it the perfect dram for extraordinary occasions. Just like Mother’s Day!

So, don’t settle for hugs and flowers this year – go on, and make her day cooler with the coolest of gifts!