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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 22 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson has always been associated with the word ‘bold’ — but not always for the right reasons. Shed that awful ‘blonde bimbette’ tag if you still think of her as such, because Pam is paving the path in inspirational new ways. In 2014, the dedicated vegan and animal rights campaigner set up the Pamela Anderson Foundation, to champion the rights of humans and animals and help the environment. With each passing year, the former ‘Baywatch’ star uses her fame to push for change and offers her voice to those who are rarely heard.

As recently as March 7, Pamela penned a letter — through PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and her own foundation — to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, urging him to make the menus in jails across the state meat-free. Signing off as ‘Honorary PETA Director,’ Pam may have had the animals’ best interests at heart, but her letter makes it clear that the astute beauty had her eye on the bigger picture as well.

“I’ve been following your admirable efforts to rehabilitate the state’s inmates through education. I have a suggestion that dovetails nicely with your prison reform plans while also helping to resolve the state’s budget crisis. Since New York has over 52,000 inmates, you could save almost $2 million a year and improve the health of the prisoners by switching to nutritious vegan meals in correctional facilities,” Pam writes. Then, offering to back her suggestion with personal action, Pam even promised to “inaugurate the program by helping cook lunch and serve it to the inmates,” if New York were to switch to meat-free meals in jail.

Sadly, the former Playboy pinup didn’t get very far in this endeavour, with a spokesperson for the Governor responding, “We greatly respect the work that PETA does, but there’s probably a better chance of me being in the Baywatch reboot (than prison menus going vegan across the state).”

When you take a bold stand, you win some and lose some — but the wins far outweigh the losses. In this case alone, Pam’s pleas have had impact elsewhere; with an Arizona jail dropping meat from its menu on her request.

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