Details on the diet that has Kunal Kapoor ready for war!

Kunal Kapoor

We’ve discovered a new taste for warriors on screen — the beefier the better! It began with ‘Game of Thrones’ (hello, Khal Drogo!) and then Ranveer Singh’s ‘Bajirao’ provided inspiration on our shores. So, how will Kunal Kapoor measure up against these men, in his upcoming avatar as a warrior? If ‘genius is one per cent inspiration and ninety nine per cent perspiration,’ then Kunal is well on his way. Currently shooting for ‘Veeram’ (where he plays the infamous warrior Chandu Chekaver), Kunal has been training tirelessly in Kalaripayattu to make the fight scenes believable.

From throwing medicine balls and hoisting sledgehammers to flipping tyres, the Kapoor lad has been hard at work for six months, honing his body for this film.

“I’ve put Kunal on eight meals a day to fire his metabolism; starting with a bowl of oats and eggs for breakfast,” says his trainer, Sandeep Salve. “He’s eating proteins and sacrificing carbs too,” says our insider, who is convinced Kunal’s efforts will be rewarded.

We already know the actor is a champion of social causes in real life, and he proved his acting chops long ago, so we’ll say a trip to the cinema is merited when ‘Veeram’ finally visits.

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