Angelina Jolie features in an unlikely ‘asli yaari’ story


Angelina Jolie isn’t known for having too many Hollywood friends. By her own admission, Brad Pitt is the only person she really chats with and so her recent revelation regarding her choice of buddy comes as a particular surprise. It seems the gorgeous Hollywood star and her equally gorgeous hubby Brad are buddies with Jack Black — and it’s not one of those ‘I’ll see you somewhere and smile from a distance’ friendships… this is so real that Jack and his family join the Jolie-Pitts for Easter every year!

“I like Angelina, I love hanging out with her,” Jack confessed recently, adding that the pair became close friends after voicing characters in ‘Kung Fu Panda’ and its subsequent sequels. “We do get together for Easter,” Angie confirms, while Jack gives their annual tradition a thumbs-up. “Easter at Brad and Angie’s is awesome,” he says. With all those kids running around on an egg hunt, we don’t doubt it!

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