A celebrity-inspired guide to getting ‘date night’ perfect — for Valentine’s or any other day!

If the sky is the limit when it comes to romance, the stars set the bar. Whether it is our very own Shilpa Shetty-Kundra or curvy Kim Kardashian, these lovely ladies can safely say their men know how to pamper them! Read on to discover how celebrities date — you can be inspired by their Valentine’s Day celebrations to plan a memorable night for yourself, or you can pick up a tip or two to bank away for the future. Either way, these incredible romantic gestures show that love should be treated like a celebrity too — just as celebrities do!

Jake Gyllenhaal sets the rose standard

It’s no secret that roses are the go-to gift option for Valentine’s Day and are generally considered a floral symbol of love all year round too.

Jordan Sparks- Valentine's Day

But there are a million ways to gift roses, as our favourite stars prove. R&B artist Jason DeRulo bought ladylove Jordin Sparks 10,000 ‘passion orange’ roses (pictured here) on Valentine’s Day in 2014 — trumping the 1,000 roses Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian the same year. It made a great photo-op, but don’t be fooled into thinking a single gesture (even one this extravagant) will keep your love alive — Jason and Jordin lost their spark and have since moved on! With everyone from Abhishek Bachchan to George Clooney recommending that love should be celebrated all year (and not just by a one-day annual blowout), we like Jake Gyllenhaal’s approach to gifting roses best of all. The ‘Prince of Persia’ star recalls going off to France one summer and missing his girlfriend so much, he sent her “a flower in the mail” every day until he returned. Now that’s how celebrities date!

Party in Paris like Peter Andre

Peter Andre believes in love, but knows it takes hard work and needs constant nourishing. Despite one messy divorce, Andre has chosen to try his hand at being married again — and this time he’s pulling out all the stops in a bid to impress his ladylove. “Paris for the weekend,” was his V-Day treat for Emily MacDonagh last year and Andre upped the ante by making the romantic destination even more exotic by organising a helicopter ride over the city one night and a plush, private dinner the next. Take a tip from the ‘Mysterious Girl’ singer and pick Paris for a truly romantic rendezvous — the holiday may only last a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime!

Set a royal scene like Raj Kundra did for Shilpa Shetty

Raj Kundra could easily have whisked wife Shilpa Shetty away for a romantic V-Day vacay, but he made it a point to prove that it isn’t always about the destination.

Closer home, Raj once hired an entire golf course to set up an outdoor candlelight dinner for Shilpa. With a ghazal singer performing live for this cosy couple, the evening concluded on a spectacular note: with an awe-inspiring fireworks display. Could the night sky have been more dazzling than the 20-carat diamond ring that tabloids suggest Mrs. Kundra also received? The jury’s still out on that one.

Jet set like a ‘Legend’

If there was ever any doubt that the ‘All of Me’ singer knows a lot about romance, there certainly is none left! John Legend impressed his lady, wife Chrissy Teigen, with a surprise date on Valentine’s Day one year — and, just to ensure it would wow her, the date began with a trip to a secret destination by private jet! “I’m on my magical mystery date! Luckiest girl alive,” the supermodel wrote, while sharing the experience with fans. A private jet is a great first step to a once-in-a-lifetime date — after all, isn’t life about the journey, not just the destination? 

Keep it steamy like Kimye

Whether their love proves to be a flash in the pan or the stuff of legends, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian certainly know how to celebrate it.

From 1,000 roses to bling galore, Kim has been the recipient of many, many glorious gifts. And the girl’s giving back! Suggesting that Kanye West has a killer return present waiting for him this Valentine’s Day, wife Kim has shared her kinky Valentine’s gift guide for 2016 — and it is packed with sex toys, a seductive silk blindfold, chocolate body fondue, a pair of metallic mesh handcuffs, satin sheets by Ralph Lauren and even a stripper pole! Go ‘West’ and keep it steamy like this power couple clearly does. 

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