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published time By Olivia published time 11 Feb, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

From tagging your yaars on countless memes to knowing their binge-watching need for every thriller series, these are things that make your friends your yaars.

But, how well do you know your yaars? Scroll down right now and check your yaari compatibility. 

1. Their Choice Of Alcohol
This is mandatory, if your sachha dost becomes your yaar! 
Let’s admit it, we all like our drinks a certain way. Some prefer their rum with a hint of lime squeezed while some prefer extra ice cubes. Either way, do you know how your yaar prefers his drink? If not, are you even friends with your yaars?
Are You Even Friends With Your Yaars If You Don't Know These Things?

2. Their Go-To Sound Track
There’s music we work out to and music which is the perfect jam while we’re stuck in traffic. I just discovered my yaar’s favourite sound track is ‘Lambergini’ by Doorbeen and this is the first song he literally plays before heading out to work. And obviously, it ended up being my favourite too *sigh*
Are You Even Friends With Your Yaars If You Don't Know These Things?

3. Their Excuses While Backing Out Of A Plan
We all start out by saying we’re in for the Goa trip that is long overdue. As the day arrives, we realise we can’t really make it. But if you know your yaar all too well, you know his most serious excuse is probably the best one to back out of a plan.
“Mummy mana kar rahi hai” or “Boss chutti approve nahi kar raha hai”

4. Their Love-Hate Relationship With The Gym
Come every New Year your yaar is eager to hit the gym and later his plans fizzle out. Well, you warned him before he took that gym membership! Because you know he will barely be able to crawl out of bed leave alone working out at the gym. 


5. Their Favourite Snack
While my yaar can practically eat an entire buffet, let’s admit that secretly she just can’t resist eating jalebis. One? Two? No. Keep them coming.
What is your yaar’s favourite go-to food?

6. Their Relationship Updates
First they breakup. Then they makeup. Then they’re back at it again. 
You are the shoulder when they cry on and the listening ear when they needto vent. But trust us, if you’re their saccha yaar, you’re probably aware of everything that’s going down in their relationship. 

7. The Memes That Get Them LOL-ing 
Is your yaar even your yaar, if you aren’t sharing a list of memes with them? There are always those two yaars to whom we forward every meme. We laugh. We ROFL and keep laughing again thus strengthening our yaari through memes. 

Have we missed out on any things you do with your yaars? If yes, let us know in the comment section below.