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Going to a party and not taking enough pictures somehow translates to not having been to one at all. Yes, talk about millennial problems! But what do you do with a bunch of dark, blurry photos? To avoid such mayhem, we’ve put down 8 cool tips that’ll help you get the most Insta-worthy pictures at all your parties. Trust us, they work! So start clicking and keep sharing.  

Use your phone camera
Use your phone’s inbuilt camera instead of the Instagram app since your smartphone allows you to use many more features. In fact, the clarity on your smartphone camera will also be considerably better than that on the app. But if you don’t like using the phone camera, you can also use third-party camera apps such as VSCO, Candy Camera etc., that give great results.    

8 Cool Tips To Get The Most Insta-Worthy Party Pics

Try different perspectives 
Don’t be afraid to try various angles and perspectives. Having a different perspective in images is more engaging. Lie down, elevate your position, take a top shot or click on eye level. Try it all out and see what works for you. 

Cool Tips To Get The Most Insta-Worthy Party Pics

Use props
From funky glasses and placards to a simple cap can add some fun to your photos. Props are a great way to spruce up your boring pictures and will also add colour to the frame, in case everyone decides to show up in black. 

Shoot actions
You may shoot some well-choreographed pictures of your group for those frameable moments. But don’t forget to capture actions that’ll make the party album more memorable. Just taking shots of people standing or talking can be such a bummer. Look out for funny expressions, giggles, dance moves and more.  

Use portrait mode
This option is really useful to shoot close-up shots. It blurs out the background even in group photos and makes it possible to capture the subject well. The portrait mode makes images look professional, clean and crisp.

Avoid clicking red eyes
Red eyes in images is common especially if there’s low lighting. But you can avoid capturing red eyes in images by simply asking your subjects to not look into the camera. Ask them to look away or simply look above the shoulder of the person taking the pictures. Also, switch on the red eye reduction mode on your phone, if you have the option.   

Keep adequate white space
White space in images allows them to breathe. Make sure you leave some room empty in your images so that they don’t look too cluttered. Focus on capturing a particular person or moment instead of shooting too many things in one frame. This will make your images look more eye-pleasing. 

Use external editing apps
Most bloggers and influencers have such gorgeous pictures. But do you know their trick? They all use external editing apps to polish their pictures before uploading on the gram. Apps like Adobe Photoshop Express, Snapseed, InShot and Lightroom are handy tools to get those flawless Insta-worthy pictures. 

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