5 Women Biker Clubs Spreading Wings Across India

March 07, 2017 Bold Articles

There are many outlets that help women seek a sense of freedom. In their quest for seeking liberation from society’s restraints, Indian women have now broken into one of the last bastion of men’s passions and dominance - riding bikes. Be it for day-to-day activities or for leisure, all-women biking gangs are mushrooming all over the place. This has helped enrich this culture by building a community around the same. The bike, in a way, is thus empowering women. That they are serious about biking was proved at their turnout in large numbers in two bike rallies organised on March 5, in Mumbai, and its neighbouring satellite town of Thane. Here’s an ode to some of the country’s leading girl biker gangs this Women’s Day.

Biking Queens

This Gujarat-based women biker gang is one of the most popular ones in the country at the moment, with more than 27,000 followers on Facebook. Along with strengthening the riding culture within Indian ladies, this group also supports social causes like women empowerment and education regularly. They were also recognised by the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi for their All Women 10 Nation Ride for the Beti Bachaao, Beti Padhaao campaign in 2016.

Women biker clubs

The Bikerni

Established in the year 2011, this gang of girls calls itself the ‘first all-female motorcycle association of India.’ The group, which has almost 20,000 followers on Facebook, believes that everyone ‘has a different reason’ to be associated with them. But, the only thing that unites them is their ‘love for biking’ and motorcycles. Talking of achievements, the group had also set a Limca Record in 2013 for the largest all-women motorcycle expedition to Khardung-La, the highest motorable road in the world.

Women biker clubs

Lady Riders of India

What distinguishes this ‘bunch of fun ladies’ from the others is that they ride superbikes above 650 cc. So you can spot a lot of fancy machinery – from the stables of Ducati, Harley Davidson, Yamaha, Triumph, Kawasaki, Indian and BMW – whenever this group hits the road. “Here you will find women, from different professions going through different phases in life, come together for the passion of biking,” say the LROI. “You can be a racer, a tourer or a stunt rider, but most of all you need be you - strong, passionate and full of life.”

Women biker clubs

The Riderni

More than just a club, The Riderni likes to call itself a platform to train women in riding two-wheelers. ‘The central thought was to encourage more women to ride. The platform was first formed in Gujarat. Anyone who wants to learn two-wheeler riding can come to us,” said founder Anjaly Rajan in an interview. The club wants ‘women riders to learn more skills, as it improves a person’s knowledge and confidence about riding.’ Founded in the year 2011, the club claims to have trained more than a hundred female riders till now.

Women biker clubs

Hop On Gurls!

Established in 2011, this Bengaluru-based group ‘provides women a platform to explore their options, enrich oneself, along with providing a huge network of like-minded women.’ The group organises ‘Bullet Riding Sessions’ along with bike rides and adventure activities for its members. They are also involved in social activities, including blood donation camps in association with welfare organisations.

Women biker clubs


Article by Alshaar Khan

Image source: The groups’ Facebook pages