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published time By Saylee published time 29 Aug, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

It takes a sheer amount of talent to become a big name in the country’s music circuit. With music festival season right around the corner, it’s time to take note of plenty of the new artists that are making an impact through their offbeat vocals and eclectic sound.

Here are 5 artists that we think will be making a big impact in the music scene in 2018. No longer limited to the colouring within the lines, these artists are exploring different genres ranging from Carnatic and Jazz to Pop, Funk and Soul, taking Indian music to unimagined heights. 

From garnering a million views on YouTube to headlining major music festivals and, to proving that we need more of independent music than Bollywood, you need to acquaint yourself with these names that are creating a buzz online and offline.

A Pune based 21-year-old, DJ, Singer and Hindustani dance music producer, Ritwiz Shrivastava started learning music at the tender age of 7. Having gained massive popularity after his collaboration with Indian Sketch Comedy Group AIB and musical maestro Nucleya for Udd Gaye, he turned into an overnight sensation. The song showcases his prowess as an independent artist with the trippy beats, the soulful lyrics and an eclectic fusion between the club-oriented instrumental dance tracks and the more melodic vocals-based compositions he’s always been known for. Or ‘Hindustani Dance Music’ as he likes to call it. From doing local gigs in Pune to performing at NH7Ritviz is surely the internet entertainment sensation who will keep producing songs that will go on repeat mode at your house parties.

5 Upcoming Artists You Need To Check Out NOW
Image Source: vizdumb

Chrms aka Veer Kowli is one of the youngest electronic artists to hit the music circuit. Just 17-years-old, Veer is already creating waves with his dreamy, chill beats and the way he is able to emote through his work. Having been inspired by the work of artists like Flume, OdeszaKaytranada and Mr CarmackKowli is best known for his massive hit track, ‘Heart Rates’, a collaboration with LA-based singer-songwriter Zoya and the slow-burning yet, melodious ‘Liquid Love’. It does look like this electronica prodigy has managed to tick all the right boxes.

5 Upcoming Artists You Need To Check Out NOW
Image Source: chrmsmusic

When Chai Met Toast
India’s answer to Mumford And Sons, When Chai Met Toast – a two-year-old band hailing from Kochi is all about music that makes you smile. Their cheerful vocals, peppy guitar notes and ebullient drum beats take inspiration from ‘the lighter side of life’ to create music that’s heart-warming and happy. Consisting of four happy souls with a combined love of music – AshwinAchyuthSailesh and Palee describe their music as neo-folk – happy, positive, upbeat and acoustic folk-y in sound. Here’s to seeing them make more pleasant, relatable music in the coming years!

Image Source: whenchaimettoast

Aditi Ramesh
Not just another girl with a guitar, singer-songwriter Aditi Ramesh composes tunes that are a seamless menagerie of Pop, Jazz and Carnatic classical – in a refreshing, candid way. For the 27-year-old former lawyer turned musician, effortlessly infusing Carnatic interludes into whimsical Jazz compositions comes easy. While also being a part of the new all-girls’ group Ladies Compartment, she uses her powerful song-writing and vocal spectrum to express her thoughts admirably. 

Image Source: aditi_ramesh

Dhruv Visvanath
A quintessential dedicated musician, Dhruv is best known for his unique way of playing the acoustic guitar, which involves using it as a percussive instrument as well. A one-man band in the true sense, he sings, plays the guitar and adds percussion at the same time, in turn, creating music that’s ambient, refreshing and an eclectic mix of percussive electro-acoustic and hard rock. Known to induce goose bumps through vocal harmonies and layering, he tends to use his voice as an instrument making him a passionate and innovative leader and a force to be reckoned with in the music scene.

Image Source: mrdhruvv