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published time By Ujjwala published time 09 May, 2019 Share image 0 Shares

Whether you’re out drinking with friends or just sitting at home sipping your favourite cocktail with family, there are certain things you need to take care of to drink responsibly.

With the right set of tips, you’ll know how to drink just right.
Here are some salient dos and don’ts which will give you an idea into savouring your drink and enjoying it in a responsible way!

1. Trust Your Chakhnas
Tasty, crunchy, and delicious, chakhna has got your back! When you munch on some chakhna, you make sure to refuel while you drink too.

5 Nushkes You Need To Make Sure Your Drink Responsibly

2. Pair Your Drink With A Full Meal
While drinking, if you have a good meal, it makes it easier for the alcohol to get burned up by the body and slows down the absorption process while keeping you full and satisfied. 

5 Nushkes You Need To Make Sure Your Drink Responsibly

3. Stick To A Standard Pour
Make sure you know your drinking limit before pouring your favourite cocktail. LiveInStyle encourages you to drink responsibly. Sticking to a standard pour will help you keep a check.


4. Keep Yourself Hydrated
Ideally, you should have a glass of water before you start drinking, while you’re drinking and once you are done drinking. It will help you stay hydrated and rejuvenated throughout the night.


5. Take Your Time To Enjoy Your Drink Responsibly
This step will ensure that you appreciate the complex flavours of your drink. Take your time, and taste each sip of your drink. For example, the smoky or peaty flavours of whisky, the citrus-y, herb-y essence of gin, the everlasting sweet aftertaste of rum, they’re all so unique. Give yourself a little time to savour it all.


6. Keep A Designated Driver
When you’re out and about, you can either pick one person from your group or hire a cab. Make sure to get a designated driver who ensures that you don’t drink and drive around.

Follow these steps and you will always drink responsibly.