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published time By SW published time 09 Oct, 2018 Share image 144 Shares
Gone are the days when we gave a 100-rupee note and got back change. With the new 2000-rupee note, 100-rupees feels like a meagre 10 rupees. We miss the good old days, when the humble 100-rupee note bought us value for our money. Well, like you, we too began wondering what we could purchase with100 bucks. And boy, were we were surprised!
Scroll down to find out the things you can do in Delhi under 100-rupees. 
1. Explore Delhi like a local on bus/metro
Experience the life of a Delhiite by literally travelling around the city in a bus/metro. You can also get an unlimited 1-day metro card at 100-rupees.
10 Incredible Things To Do In Delhi Under 100 Rupees
2. Buy a kurta from Sarojini Nagar
Go on a budget shopping spree at Sarojini Nagar and buy a simple kurta (or two) for a chill day at work.
10 Incredible Things To Do In Delhi Under 100 Rupees
3. Hog on some hot paranthas at Paranthe Walle Galli
Ditch the burgers and rolls for some hot paranthas at Paranthe Walle Galli in Chandni Chowk, and satiate your cravings. 
4. Buy an Iktara and gift it to a friend or you can learn to play it
Playing a guitar or piano is too mainstream now, embrace the hipster in you by buying an iktara and learning to strum a tune. 
5. Practice those flips at Delhi Skateboarding Academy 
Gather your gang and learn to skateboard by jumping ramps at Delhi Skateboarding Academy.
6. Binge on a plate of golgappas at Nathu’s, Bengali Market
Well, we can’t say no to these delectable golagappas at Nathu’s. Can you?
7. Visit the Sunday book bazaar and buy a easy read book 
Take a bus to Daryaganj for the Sunday book bazaar and buy some quick reads for yourself or maybe you can gift one to your mom. 
8. Go to Connaught Palace and treat yourself to the Wenger’s delicious chocolate pastry
Hit up Wenger’s at Connaught Palace, and try some mouth-watering doughnuts, pastries or truffles. We bet you’ll be satisfied!
9. Go to Indian Mountaineering Foundation and do some rock climbing with your friends
Grab your buddies and indulge in some fun rock climbing at Indian Mountaineering Foundation. Burn those calories! 
10. Go back to Sarojini Nagar and pick out some sunglasses 
Buy some really affordable sunglasses to suit your different styles. Because owning two or maybe three sunglasses never killed anyone’s panache.

Image Credits: Instagram