10 Anushka Sharma – Virat Kohli Grams That Prove That They Are The Most Aww-Inducing Celebrity Couple On Instagram

Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and the beautiful Anushka Sharma are undoubtedly the most talked about celebrity couple. Virushka, as they are popularly known on the internet by their fans, has given us several adorable relationship goals with their never-ending expressions of love for each other. We decided to put together some of their most endearing moments from Instagram that prove that they are the most aww-inducing celebrity couple on social media today.

Check out…

1. When love brings the chuckle out of anyone, they are bound to look awestruck.

2. The everlasting stoned in love expressions of the attractive couple that made everyone smile.

3. The cute pose: waiting for you to wrap your arms around me just after you take the selfie.

4. Special days are meant for beautiful smiles!


5. Love me, love my dog: Well we don’t need to say much about this pic, which is loaded with cuteness. It definitely proves that love is the only fall that bursts you with happiness.

6. And then there was this perfect lovey-dovey picture to recreate the vibe of the background.

7. Like the sea casts its spell to hold its net of wonder, this love-struck couple has got their spells definitely right.

8. The event every fan of theirs waited for! This lovely picture that captured their playful traditional leap made millions of their fans smile.

9. And then the vows of eternal love were taken...

10 The match made in heaven, where we saw the cute couple 'lost in each other' mood. Probably the one that went viral the most.

These cute adorable moments of the RCB team captain and his beautiful actress wife have definitely melted our hearts.


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