Best Karaoke Grunge Tracks for Karaoke

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Widely considered to be the best thing out of Seattle in the 90s, Grunge music is easily characterised by the heavily distorted guitar sound, hoarse vocals, and rebellious lyrics. Its initial success was attributed to the rise of pioneering bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden—bands that went on to become household names in the United States.

Although the popularity of Grunge has considerably waned in recent years, owing to the popularity of 20th century genres such as rap and electronic, grunge purists are still rocking out to the classic tunes of their favourite bands and youngsters these days are fortunate to have easy access to plethora of artists and genres online. The angst-filled lyrics and catchy riffs make popular grunge hits much-requested by karaoke fans across the world.

For your convenience, we have listed some popular grunge songs by famous band that are sure to get heads banging when you grab the mic.

Smells like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana (lyrics by Kurt Cobain)

Plush” – Stone Temple Pilots (lyrics by Scot Weiland and Eric Kretz)

Would” – Alice in Chains (lyrics by Jerry Cantrell)

Alive” – Pearl Jam (lyrics by Eddie Veddar)

Glycerine” – Bush (lyrics by Gavin Rossdale)

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