A Spot of Karaoke at Loca Loca, Mumbai

Loca Loca (literarily ‘crazy crazy’) is a Cuban-themed lounge café that is popular among locals and regulars for its rambunctious atmosphere, vibrant samba-like ambiance and affordable rates. The colourful drums, vividly décor and Cuban movie posters give it a unique feel that separates it from other lounges in the city.

They have an air-conditioned bar that serves up delicious cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages including Strawberry Cubanito, which is also available in pineapple and watermelon flavours. They really aren’t kidding with the Cuban theme. Loca Loca is very liberal towards classic rock and pop music, and this theme is carried over towards its karaoke nights. The friendly crowd contains some fantastic singer, so you may be a bit apprehensive before

Image Credit: buzzintown.com

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