What's It Like To Go For a Drive With a F1 Champion In The World's Best Supercar?

If you are a motorsport junkie, a speedster, a Formula 1 fan or just someone who loves being on the road, this was the opportunity of a lifetime. Formula 1 Double World Champion Mika Hakkinen was in India to promote his #JoinThePact initiative (that says, 'Never Drink and Drive'). As part of his, Hakkinen took a few lucky fans for a drive in the  Caparo T1 Supercar - an unforgettable experience and a great chance to be up close and personal with the legend himself on his maiden trip to India.

The exuberant Rannvijay Singha was in attendance, drumming up the excitement and passion among everyone present.

About the car: It is no accident that the Mclaren Caparo T1 looks like a Formula 1 car - it was designed with the intention of looking as close to a F1 car as possible. Developed by engineers that helped deliver the iconic McLaren F1, the Caparo T1 is a new uncompromised and unconstrained sports car that sets new boundaries in performance, driver experience and enjoyment. The car has a higher horsepower-to-weight average than any other car in the world and is reported to be capable of exceeding maximum speed of 322 km per hour. It has an estimated 0–96 kilometres per hour under 2.5 seconds.

What was the experience like? As explained by F1 blogger and commentator Kunal Shah (who also happens to have been a racer himself, "It was exhilerating. The accelerating and braking power of the car was phenomenal!" Hakkinen took the riders down a long straight at top speed (on the edge, literally) with some insane 'sugar free donuts' to end the drive on a high!Kunal was the first person that Hakkinen took on a drive - an enviable proposition for thousands of fans in India.

#JoinThePact is a global movement that has reached over 40 countries in the last 10 years, changing millions of lives along the way.

JoinThePact to never drink and drive. Sign up now.

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