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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 09 Nov, 2017 Share image 2 Shares

Formula 1 is an unforgiving sport. When you’re racing in Formula 1 against the best drivers in the world and the world’s fastest machines, control is everything – just as it is every time you get behind the wheel in a road car. A split-second decision can be the difference between finishing first or last—or crashing and not finishing at all. It is important to always make the right choice and pledge to always stay in control by never drinking and driving.

#JoinThePact is a global initiative by Johnnie Walker The Journey as part of the brand’s commitment to promote responsible drinking everywhere. As part of #JoinThePact, individuals pledge to never drink and drive. This initiative has been running for nine long years (since 2008), actively reaching 40 countries, collecting over 2.5 million commitments along the way – and impacting thousands of lives for the better. Two-time F1 World Champion, and Johnnie Walker The Journey Global Responsible Drinking Ambassador, Mika Hakkinen is championing #JoinThePact. Hakkinen, remembered for his formidable performances on track (as well as being Ayrton Senna’s teammate and Michael Schumacher’s arch rival) is an inspiring, relentless passionate driver who worked hard to continuously raise the bar and was always committed to the sport.

Apart from Johnnie Walker- The Journey; relentless commitment to the case, another reason for the initiative’s success is the creativity and ingenuity with the message is delivered, using Formula 1 as a canvas. A fascinating video depicting a Formula 1 car made from whisky glasses (which crash, depicting a drunk driving accident) made waves in 2013 and was hailed by many as the most creative anti ‘drink and drive’ campaign every made. In 2014, Mika Hakkinen wowed fans in Canada by performing the World's Most Powerful Signature, a driving spectacular to mark his commitment, producing his signature on tarmac with tire marks.

In 2015, McLaren and Johnnie Walker The Journey ran unique livery at the iconic British Grand Prix to promote the #JoinThePact campaign to never drink and drive and pleading the team’s commitment to the cause. As the

The 2017 F1 London Live took to the streets of London, Johnnie Walker The Journey activated Join the Pact, with four F1 drivers - Fernando Alonso, Stoffel Vandoorne and Force India drivers Sergio Perez and Esteban Ocon. Through it, they managed to reach out to scores of fans. Said Hakkinen, "As a Johnnie Walker - The Journey Responsible Drinking Ambassador I've been involved with the Join the Pact campaign for a number of years, and it is great to see how they continually come up with fresh ideas to get our message out there.”

For the first time, Mika Hakkinen and #JoinThePact will visit India, reaching out to hundreds of Indian fans and delivering this important social message. Crucially so, because India is a country with about 7,061 road accidents caused by drunk driving (as per latest data). Surely #JoinThePact and Hakkinen will help bring about a wave of change in how Indians take decisions with respect to drunk driving.

JoinThePact to never drink and drive. Sign up now. encourages you to celebrate responsibly

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