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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 15 Nov, 2017 Share image 1 Share

Mika Hakkinen's rivalry with Michael Schumacher has been widely discussed. Without a doubt, Hakkinen was one the few racers who had the capacity to make Michael Schumacher – who himself admitted that Hakkinen was his toughest rival. Schumacher said, “Mika Hakkinen was the best opponent in terms of his quality, but the biggest admiration I had for him was we had 100 percent fight on track, but a totally disciplined life off track.” Moreover, Hakkinen also raced alongside the illustrious Ayrton Senna - and as we know, competition is often highest among teammates as they are in evenly matched cars. 

During Mika Hakkinen's recent visit to India for the #JoinThePact initiative, we got to know a lot more about the motorsport legend, a double world champion ranked as one of the best in the modern era of Formula 1. 

Hakkinen left us all stumped when he declared that the most challenging competitor he’s ever had was not Senna or Schumacher - but a girl he raced against in karts. He revealed to Firstpost, “I had many rivals who were tough - but it all started when I was 10-11 years old - the fastest competitor was a girl, and she was beating me.”

An interesting insight into the journey of a champion!

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