Looking For A Trippy Night Out? Get Sotally Tober In Bangalore!

Make your way to Koramangala’s 80 Feet Road and then head down the rabbit hole with Alice — into a wonderland cleverly christened Sotally Tober. It may take a tipple or two before you can mispronounce the name properly, but this is hardly the place to be if you are totally sober!

Simply said, the pub scene in Bangalore is rocking and this 5,000 square foot hotspot is one of the best examples of what the IT capital of India is doing right in the resto-bar space. Earning bragging rights for topping ‘best bar’ lists on a regular basis, Sotally Tober packs quirk, quality and cool quotient into one dynamite bundle. From their amazing ambience to fab food and classic cocktails (including our favourite Johnnie Ginger), here are a host of reasons why you should be getting Sotally Tober in Bangalore right now…



Night out at Sotally Tober In Bangalore

We will get to the music by and by, but first let’s talk about lights. Suspended from the ceiling, dozens of teapots and mason jars twinkle in welcome. In some spots, wooden branches (and even a ladder) are strung up to support a litany of lights. Then chairs in an assortment of bright colours add to that Alice-down-the-rabbit-hole vibe and we absolutely love it!

From its facade with ‘floating’ chairs to its drip painted interiors (you’d be forgiven for thinking the ghost of Jackson Pollock had a field day in here), Sotally Tober offers up a visual trip. All you need to do is show up and indulge the illusion — after all, aren’t the best nights out meant to challenge what’s normal?



It’s no secret that we’re heading into the weekend with Johnnie Ginger these days, so it’s a big bonus for us that the bartenders at Sotally Tober can mix a mean JG. Of course you can also order a Martini, Bloody Mary, Cosmopolitan, Old Fashioned or their signature spicy cocktail Sotally Spice, unless you’d rather go the virgin way and sip on a Straw-Mary! The bar is superbly stocked, to ensure you stay ‘sotally tober’ all night, so go ahead and enjoy responsibly.



Ditch the diet for some SoTo Masala Fries (you opt can add bliss-inducing bacon bits); then up the ante with a plate of Crispy Crab Claws served with Sriracha mayonnaise. Cheesy Samosas and Chicken Chaat are good options too, before you work your way towards the to-die-for SoTo Chilli Beef. From mains to dessert, Sotally Tober takes everything seriously and you should too. Enjoy an assortment of eats to line your tummy, so you can keep the party going into the wee hours, with no regrets the day after!



From thumping tunes dished out by a DJ to regular live acts, expect the music at Sotally Tober to hit high notes — by which we mean the decibel levels here aren’t for the faint-hearted. If you like it loud and live, drop in on a Thursday, after checking out their Facebook page for specifics. On most nights, hip-hop, deep house and old school music make up the mix. A dance floor is absent, but the vibe isn’t!

Image Credits: sotallytober.in; ispaceart.com; shamanthpatilphotography.com; facebook.com

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