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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 23 May, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Looking for a night of fun? Swap dreaming of the Seven Wonders of the World for visiting these seven super-fun party places in Gurgaon this month, because they’re all serving up our favourite cocktail — the Johnnie Ginger. Both buzz and fizz are guaranteed, because while you stop to savour this perfectly balanced whisky and ginger ale cocktail, you stand a chance to win an amazing all-expenses-paid gourmet meal too!

From Farzi Cafe to The Wine Company, Gurgaon’s best bars and restaurants are getting in on the action; with our top 7 listed right here. Still confused about where to party? Read on and pick a place!



Atmosphere of Farzi Cafe,Gurgaon

Its wood-panelled frontage with decorative glass panes ensures you won’t go past Farzi Cafe — on the ground floor of DLF Cyber City’s Cyber Hub — without noticing it. Inside, plush leather sofas combine quizzically with vintage clocks and black chandeliers. It’s one of those don’t-try-this-at-home looks that works wonderfully in an expansive restaurant. Of course the real treat is getting #Farzified by the food! Part of Zorawar Kalra’s House of Massive Restaurants, this outpost of the multi-city cafe ticks all the boxes when it comes to “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Expect micro herbs and foam aplenty, atop kachoris and other mind-boggling culinary creations, including a burger called ‘Gupta’! Our buddy Johnnie Ginger and Farzi’s friend Gupta will ensure your night is nothing but fun, so why not pop in for an introduction to these two?



Ambiance of Imperfecto,Gurgaon

If your life needs an infusion of colour, head on over to Imperfecto — just an elevator ride away from Farzi Cafe at DLF Cyber City’s Cyber Hub. Their alfresco dining space is a treat in pleasant weather and their cool, casual vibe is sure to relax you. Regulars rave about their Whisky Sour, but we’re drinking Johnnie Ginger these days, as should you. Anything you order will go down well with Imperfecto’s perfect malai tikka, which you can follow up with either Indian, Oriental or Italian fare. Have a sweet tooth? Don’t miss their wicked waffles!



If you are beginning to think that all the amazing action is centred around DLF Cyber City, you aren’t wrong. Raasta rocks on the second floor of Cyber Hub, promising you a Caribbean experience that’s second to none. Chow down on a juicy Kingston Chicken Burger to keep the ‘hangry’ at bay, and then slow things down over a drink worth savouring. Order a Johnnie Ginger at the bar, while the live acts lift your spirits. Between mouthfuls of Butter Garlic Mushroom, allow the music to hit you. As Bob Marley famously said: “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”



They describe themselves as an “urban hangout,” but they’re more of a social phenomenon. Combining work and play, the Social chain is designed to take you offline while still keeping you connected. The good fellas here call it a “collaborative workspace… for artists and innovators,” but Social is so much more. When you can have breakfast all day (ah, those Saddlebags!) and Johnnie Ginger by night, what’s not to love?! Order a Shawarma, Yo Mama (yup, that’s exactly what their chicken shawarma is called) and some Fully Loaded Nachos (do nothing by half measure) and thank us for the suggestion in our comments section once you’ve tried them! Go on, be social.

Want to party at Social in Mumbai? Here’s more on their midtown outlets in Maximum City!



“Not my monkey, not my circus,” we often say when drama comes calling, but this is a Circus we’ll happily add to our itinerary on any night of the week! With light fixtures inspired by the trapeze used by acrobats, clown motifs by the bar and candy stripes on the wall, there’s visual reinforcement of the theme everywhere — even on the parchment paper in which your snacks arrive! Try the Chicken Tikka Chaat, the crispy fried Lotus Stem and something off their ‘Tiffin Meals’ menu, just for fun. Sip on a Johnnie Ginger while you’re at it and don’t forget to sign up for the JG contest too.



This gastropub is yet another Cyber Hub hotspot, with both an indoor and outdoor area for you to choose from. We’re fans of alfresco dining when the weather permits it, though the interiors of Sutra are warm and welcoming in any climate! Expect upbeat weekends here, because their DJs are always on a mission to have you bopping all night and there’s a live band playing on some nights as well. Walk in for lunch or dinner and order anything off their multi-cuisine menu — though the Honey Chilli Potato and Awadhi Tikka are highly recommended. Savour our favourite Johnnie Ginger while you are here and perhaps end the evening on a sweet note, with their Chocolate Lava Cake. After all, whisky and chocolate is a match made in heaven!



Elevate your evening at The Wine Company, where vino sets the tone for an indulgent night out. Of course it isn’t all about wine — our much-loved whisky cocktail is shaking things up at the bar here too! Ask for an Artichoke and Goats Cheese Filo Pie (served with delicious rosemary potatoes and tomato fondue) before you peruse the rest of the menu. With a firm focus on Continental food (largely Italian fare), there’s no faulting their quality when it comes to ingredients, or their mastery of cooking techniques. If you believe that sweet dreams are made of cheese (we’re firm believers), opt for the amazing Quattro Formaggi pizza with its decadent drizzle of truffle oil — ah, the good life!

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