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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 31 May, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Indiranagar is where the party’s at in east Bangalore, with Asian eateries and ice-cream shops aplenty dotting the landscape. Some of our absolute favourite multi-city restaurant chains have outposts here — Mamagoto, The Fatty Bao and Smoke House Deli being the most notable. Bars like Bootlegger and Hangover have already found mention on our list of the city’s most happening pubs, but two Indiranagar resto-bars remain to be reviewed — and any list of the city’s coolest places to hang out would be incomplete without them. So, without further ado, we present The Black Rabbit and Three Dots & A Dash.



Interior view of The Black Rabbit

We recently went down the rabbit hole, so to speak, at Sotally Tober in Koramangala (get the deets here) and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The Black Rabbit offers up a comparatively whimsical and entirely magical experience.

Two thumbs up from us for ambience — with classic meeting quirky and plush meeting rustic in just the right manner. Again, unique light fixtures are the first to draw our attention. These bell-shaped beauties, suspended from a tiled niche in the ceiling, are uniformly white on the outside but have one-of-a-kind painted patterns on the inside. On each table is a cutlery caddy made of metal and wood and it merits mention not for being practical (which it is, of course), but because I’ve had a similar stand from Pottery Barn on my wish list for ages!

Suppressing serious ‘klepto’ urges, I direct my gaze to the menu. Poutine kick-starts the ‘Small Plates’ section. Having gorged on these decadent French fries (topped generously with gravy and cheese curds) in Canada some years ago (and having dreamt of the dish ever since), we order some straight away. They’re nothing like the original, but we’re not complaining. TBR adds makhani to their version and where else in the world would you get that?! To make up for the indulgence, we try the Balsamic and Dill Grilled Mushrooms next (served with a side of fennel salad) and find it rather satisfying; but it is another decadent dish that makes us happiest — Twice Cooked Pork Belly glazed with a sinful sauce! Long story short, you have appetisers, salads, burgers, pizza, sandwiches, mains (mostly Continental) and a handful of sides to choose from. Plus dessert, if you have room at the end of your meal, though all their sweet treats contain eggs, so pure vegetarians will be disappointed.

There’s no disappointment when it comes to the action at the bar, so opt for an extra tipple before you call it a night. Perhaps a Mai Tai, Whisky Sour or Mojito is your usual libation (and TBR has them all), but why not savour a Johnnie Ginger instead. The Johnnie Walker and ginger ale combination is a match made in heaven and The Black Rabbit’s bartenders ace it!



Bangalore, Get Tiki With It At Indiranagar’s Best Bars

You needn’t master Morse code to discover that this Indiranagar watering hole is wildly popular! With two outlets in Bangalore (the second is at JP Nagar), it’s no secret the Tiki-themed experience they’re offering up at Three Dots & A Dash has a fan base. Bamboo thatched enclosures are only the beginning. Tiki mugs hold exotic cocktails, pineapples provide support when serving up main dishes and coconuts come packed with potions and topped with cocktail umbrellas — all the tropical ingredients one would expect to find at Polynesian-themed pub!

“It’s not always about what you drink, but where you drink,” say the owners, and the emphasis on the word ‘drink’ is unmistakable. Cocktails are serious business here — the name Three Dots & A Dash itself is inspired by a classic cocktail — and are concocted to please every palate. Have a Tiki Bomb if you dare, or a Peach Schnapps-packed Brain Haemorrhage. Even though the Forbidden Island sounds tempting, we ask for our favourite Johnnie Ginger. Just for the glass skull it is served in, we might opt for a Zombie Punch on our next visit, but for now, we move on to the food menu.

While the vibe may trumpet ‘tiki,’ the food on offer crosses borders into a firmly multi-cuisine space. The largely ubiquitous French Fries and Cheese Chilli Toast can be found here too, besides nachos, stuffed mushroom and chicken wings. We chose the Baby Pork Spare Ribs and a portion of Chicken Prawn which, as the name suggests, was a surf-and-turf special. Another Johnnie Ginger down while gorging on a Hawaiian Banana Split and we knew we’d be saying ‘aloha’ in Indiranagar again before long!

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