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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 12 May, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Hello, or shall I say hola!

LiveInStyle is reporting LIVE from the 2018 Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona – and we are excited to bring you all the news, updates and fun from the Formula 1 circuit. In case you are wondering, this is the amazing view I am currently enjoying as I write this piece...!

Formula 1 circuit for Spanish Grand Prix 2018

So onto the really exciting stuff – there’s a lot to look to forward to here at the Spanish Grand Prix: 

1) First European race of the season
This is the first of the European races this season, so fan excitement is at an all time high. We already see that the grandstands are filling up! Interestingly, there is support for all drivers apart from the usual suspects – proud banners in support of Kevin Magnussen and Robert Kubica made us smile. There is amazing music playing loudly all the time (sure to give any self-respecting club a run for its money) and the energy is palpable. It was also nice to see the Diageo initiative #JoinThePact prominently featured, encouraging people to never drink and drink.

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2) Teams have updates and upgrades for their cars
Several teams will be bringing their upgrades to Spain. What implications will this have on the pecking order? In the pre-season, Formula 1’s halo received unexpected coverage and criticism. It made the cars look ugly, said almost everyone in unison. However, once the racing started and got interesting, complaints about the halo reduced drastically too. Basically, the fans had a lot to enjoy and fewer reasons to complain about the sport. After Mclaren was the first team to ‘commercialise’ the halo by selling space to the sponsor, Ferrari seem to be the first team on the grid to bring a controversial update to their halo device! 

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View of audience stands from Barcelona circuit

3) Vettel vs. Hamilton: an epic duel
The championship battle is very close, with both Mercedes and Ferrari performing well. Hamilton edged ahead of Vettel in the championship battle in Baku. However, we all know that he was ‘gifted’ the victory in Baku – Hamilton will be looking to win a race in 2018 on his own merit, while Vettel will be looking to fight back. The implications for us fans is a lip-smacking battle with high stakes on the cards!

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4) Everyone loves Fernando Alonso
Local legend Fernando Alonso is the man of the moment at the Spanish Grand Prix. The kind of love that Spanish racing fans have for him is unbelievable! Last weekend, Alonso won on his World Endurance Championship debut at the 6 Hours of Spa (along with other former Formula 1 racers - Sebastian Buemi and Kazuki Nakajima). Said Alonso, while reflecting on his recent win at the WEC in Spa, “I kept the motivation because I’m a competitive man. I love to win. It was definitely quite a very good moment for the whole team and for me as well, after a long time of not being on the podium.”

5) Hero's comeback by Robert Kubica
Robert Kubica, currently the test and reserve driver at Williams, made a heroic comeback with his first official F1 appearance in over seven years. This marks Kubica’s highly anticipated return to the sport after his life-threatening rally crash in 2011. He said after his Free Practice session, “How I drive is how my body and limitations allow me to drive. And probably that’s enough, else I would not have been here today.”

6) Barca: World's best nightlife?
Apart from the Formula 1 stuff, Barcelona is a super fun city with lots to do and see. In fact, it could well be the city in the world with the BEST NIGHTLIFE! If you’d like to know more, check out our post on this topic. In case you could not make it to Barcelona, worry not - there is an awesome Johnnie Ginger activation happening in various restaurants, bars and clubs across Bangalore, which will help you feel closer to the on-track action! encourages you to celebrate responsibly

All photos (c) Mithila Mehta 2018