Pepsi IPL Edition: Party Personas You Run Into

Five types of party personalities you’d probably encounter at the next do. 

Storm raiser (Chris Gayle) - A little bit of everything is what he loves experiencing when he’s at a party. Monotony is a word he does not understand. And how can he when there's so much to soak in all at once; from food, people, bartending, music to dancing. He’s like the Chris Gayle of the party. Like a storm, he walks in and he conquers.

Chris Gayle & Virat Kohli dancing - Live In Style

Slow burner (Virat Kohli) - ‘Moody’ is how his Yaars describe him. He’s a rare breed. He doesn't shy away from trying daring things in a completely new place. From flamboyant fashion to being the favourite ladies man, he may not say it out loud but he doesn’t mind the attention either. The girls are swooning over him through the night and the boys are wondering why! He’s the charming heartbreaker like Virat Kohli and prefers getting into the game at his pace and time. But, at the end it’s always worth it.

Good Fella (M.S. Dhoni) - He’s the easy-going guy everybody loves to hang out with. He’s the smooth operator who can easily find his way into everybody's mind and heart, so much so that women want to be with him and men want to be like him. It's the perfect win-win combo! He attracts attention but is aloof which leaves others to notice him for simply being HIM! A perfect wingman for any friend, his natural-captain-cool charisma in a party reminds his fellow Yaars that in their little team, he is the MS Dhoni.

Angry Young Man (Gautam Gambhir) -  A peg of whisky is how he lounges around in a party after a hard day’s work. He’s the man who takes care of everything and everyone.He creates an aura of mystery around himself that everybody craves to unravel. He’s a silent observer in parties. When he does talk, his voice commands to be heard. In a way, he’s like Gautam Gambhir, the Gambhir Yaar in a team of crazies..

So, do you think you’ve met them? Punch in your thoughts in the comment box below. 

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