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published time By Surbhi Mittal published time 11 May, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

The Master Storm--Chris Gayle--the heart of Royal Challengers Bangalore needs no introduction. After smashing a breathtaking knock (117 in 57 balls) against Kings XI Punjab on Wednesday, Chris Gayle visited The Bar Stock Exchange, BKC Mumbai last Friday, to unwind and chill with his fans. The event echoed sentiments of the McDowells No1 campaign - Yaari Not Out, where fans got a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet and party with their favourite cricketer!

Gayle took over the DJ console and got the party started in style. He was spotted dancing and mingling with his fans, taking numerous selfies and teaching them Jamaican dance moves.

He also took over the bar and personally concocted the McDowells No.1 Fizzky drink, which his fans loved.

Chris Gayle Enjoyment

LiveInStyle got an opportunity to indulge in an exclusive chat with the star cricketer, wherein he spoke about his party mantras and his favourite Yaars in the team. Read on...

Who is your closest Yaar in the RCB team?

I feel I’m closest to Sarfaraz Khan. He’s got an amazing sense of humour. When we both are together, we both have each other in splits - it's quite a laughathon. That just means we end up having a great time.

Who is the best dancer in the RCB team?

Oh! That has to be Mandeep Singh. Just like Sarfaraz is the funniest in the team, Mandeep is the best dancer we have. He’s a powerhouse of talent. In fact, even I have learnt a few Punjabi dance moves from him. After we won the game against Kings XI Punjab, we all were celebrating and Mandeep started dancing. He pulled me in and I joined in the revelry with some Bhangra! It was fun.

Click here to check out the video.

After you scored a century against Kings XI Punjab, you celebrated like Cristiano Ronaldo does after he scores a goal. What made you do that?

I think Cristiano Ronaldo is a great footballer and I have immense respect for him. He is one of the greatest sportsmen of our times. I love his passion for the game and I feel I have the same passion for cricket. After I scored the century, I almost felt like celebrating it à la Ronaldo style, and I did! It was all done in good taste.

Gayle on Ground

Which other sportsmen do you admire?

I’m in awe of Usain Bolt. The speed and intensity that he brings to the sport is commendable. Every great sportsperson has a unique quality and Usain’s special qualities are speed and intensity. I admire that.

What is your favourite drink?

Usually, I prefer chilling with a beer or maybe a cognac and cranberry. But I also love the McDowells No.1 Fizzky.

I prepared it at The Bar Stock Exchange (click here to check out the video) and people here loved it too. The drink is the perfect mix of Whisky, soda and lime. It’s a drink to be had when you chill with your Yaars!

What is your favourite party destination in the world?

It has to be Jamaica! Be it the atmosphere, people or even the culture, Jamaica is the best place to be. It’s the ultimate party destination. You go there and you just want to party and unwind.

What is your message to your fans?

I just have one message for all my fans out there. I want to ask all of them to party responsibly. Enjoy to your fullest and let your hair down at a party, but always be aware of the situation. Call for a driver or hail a cab, just be responsible! encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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