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published time By Roxanne Bamboat published time 21 May, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Chennai Super Kings are practically T20 experts. Mastering the game by winning most of the games so far, their fans are hungry and thirsty for more. Only the really privileged ones make it to the home stadiums. So for those who don’t make it to the stadium and for Chennai fans in different cities, here are our picks, restaurants, lounges and bars – all fit for a SUPER KING!

High Time – GRT Grand, T Nagar – High Time is a great name for a lounge and what better time to get High on cricket than now during the T20 season. Round booth like couches make for comfy relaxed seating and the projector screen and LCD TVs are accessible from any part of the lounge, making it easy to enjoy the match.

Million Dollar, The Pub – The Million Dollar Pub will make you feel like a millionaire watching the match. Their pristine white decor, unusual seating choice and dim cosy ambience give you a sense of exclusivity while you sip on well made drinks and nibble some delicious starters while watching the match with your friends. It might not be loud and boisterous like a bar but it will definitely be a fun venue to enjoy the cricket frenzy in style.

Gallop, Radisson Blu - This fun sports bar is a great spot to relax over a couple of beers with friends while watching the matches on their multiple screens which are placed strategically all over the room. With a range of cuisines and dishes to choose from and a well stocked bar and talented bartenders dishing out drinks, we suggest you ‘Gallop’ here soon and enjoy what they have to offer while you cheer your favourite team this season!

Fusion 9 – With its white walls and simple decor this ornately decorated restaurant doesn't seem like the ideal club or bar for rowdy boisterous sports fans. However, for the less boisterous who would like to enjoy watching their favourite teams in a more demure surrounding, this is perfect for them. With offers and discounts such as special CSK and RCB cocktails, it only adds to the cricket fever sweeping the city.

Turf Pub – Le Waterina – The wooden furniture is comforting and cosy reminding you of an old school traditional bar. The framed jerseys and small basket ball hoops hanging on the wall along with dartboards give it a great sports bar feel. It's one of those places that seem like the perfect place to in fact watch a cricket match! With 5 LCD TVs and a projector it makes hanging out with friends and chugging some beer while cheering your team incredibly fun!

By - Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne is a pint sized girl who enjoys reading, movies, travel and is obsessed with food. She expresses her love for all things edible in her food blog A freelancer in her profession, she is able to spend most of her time sampling the city's food offerings and reviews them as well as shares a few of her favourite recipes. More often known as The Tiny Taster, she's decided to take the world by storm - one plate a a time !

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