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Luxe at Length

Uncrowded Spots for a Blissful Vacation

Posted by: Roxanne Bamboat on May 10, 2014

Summer is one of the most popular seasons for travel. Children have their vacation break, parents take time off work, entire families like to take big group vacations and even corporate companies like to plan office getaways with their employees. It's a great time to unwind and travel and also a terrible time for the traveler that doesn't want to be trapped amongst hordes of tourists, cranky restless children or cantankerous old men on their travels.

Hainan Island, China - China is one of the most populated countries in the world but to get away from the crowd, you need to visit the southern tip of Hainan Island. Its home to the Mandarin Oriental Sanya hotel, which is a luxury beach vacation destination which is ideal for some privacy, seclusion and pampering in style. Fine food, a secluded bay with white sandy beaches, hammocks and palm trees, this place screams rest, relaxation and holiday in style without other tourists troubling you. In fact, it doesn't even feel like you're in China and certainly a far cry from the concrete cities, the rush of people and traffic.

Uruguay - Till recently Uruguay was South America's best kept secret. That is of course till visitors started enjoying it so much that they went back and told their friends which resulted in more visitors. This doesn't mean it's flooded with tourists but at the same time it's not as rural as rustic as it use to be. In fact Uruguay has slowly become a destination for the rich and famous with enough luxury to offer. From fashionable spots like Montevido and Punta del Este to the more charming Punta Del Diablo, Uruguay has enough unexplored possibilities making this a travelers delight!

Andaman Islands - The relaxed tropical island of Andaman is a superb practically deserted beach with beautiful marine life and coral reefs which make this hidden treasure a relaxed and secluded holiday spot. Ideal for beach bums and avid divers but a far cry from the shopping, amusement park and restaurant filled holidays people usually gravitate towards. It's natural beauty and quiet pace is romantic and attractive to those travelers that want some privacy, less crowds and time to enjoy nature and the sea.

Geger Island, Bali - Though this is more of a honeymoon destination than a family vacation spot, Bali can sometimes get a little crowded with too many couples. However The Bale Hotel at Geger Beach is an ideal spot for seclusion, rest and relaxation. With just 29 guest accommodations and each one with a private pool, not to mention the spectacular but private beach, this place screams luxury (private car pickups, spas, 24hr personal butlers) and takes guests privacy very seriously. This is an ideal spot in a popular destination that gives you the feeling that you are in the middle of nowhere with no pesky children or loud obnoxious families to disturb you.

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Article by: Roxanne Bamboat