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With the restaurant culture in Pune city expanding rapidly, Trois is the latest to hit the scene. Trois meaning 3 in French is aptly named after three friends who have come together to make their dream a reality. Executive chef and one of the owners, Chef Mayur Gadkari, has curated a menu with predominant European flavours with some special French dishes. After all he has spent years in kitchens in Australia and spend a fair amount of time in a French restaurant as the chef in charge. It's very evident that it's his favourite cuisine when you read though the menu.

It’s an interesting and welcome change from the usual suspects and introducing a new cuisine in a city that doesn't boast of many European flavours and particularly French. If your idea of French food is only frog legs and snails then you're in for a treat because Chef Mayur's menu will take your palate for a wonderful ride without having to eat anything squirmish.

Situated in Kalyani Nagar on Central Avenue, Trois is housed in a lovely bungalow. The restaurant is spread across three levels, a ground floor with a stunning wine bar and semi open kitchen, a mid level section which could even be used for a private dinner party and a small section on the roof which makes for wonderful al fresco dining. The decor is simple with walls painted in pleasant yellow and small signage subtly reminding you of its underlined French theme. If their wine collection and Chef's enthusiasm is anything to go by, Trois might just emerge as a premium restaurant for wine connoisseurs to enjoy a good bottle with their meal. Something the city seems to be lacking.

Their mezze platter with babaganoush, hummus and a homemade dip is a great way to kick off a meal. Their scallops are delicious as is their pork belly. In fact their pork belly and scallops are their stand out dishes. Their duck confit and crisp salmon are superbly French and of course wonderfully tasty and their lamb bourguignon with creamy mash potatoes is a dish worth trying. In fact, most of their dishes are well executed and flavoursome - in terms of taste Trois has hit the nail on the head.

Desserts are plenty but the Belgian chocolate mousse is pure perfection and any chocolate lover is going to relish that particular dessert. This is an entirely different cuisine and a more upscale restaurant than most of the stand alone restaurants in Pune city. For cuisine like this one would probably assume only a five star hotel could deliver. In fact, the menu at Trois in due time might even give the five stars a run for their money. For a pleasant evening chatting with friends and family, with some good wine and delicious food, Trois seems to be a perfect choice.

By - Roxanne Bamboat

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