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published time By Roxanne Bamboat published time 08 Jul, 2014 Share image 0 Shares

The mighty monsoons have been fairly elusive so far but have finally arrived. It's time to bring out the wellies, rain coats, umbrellas and of course, your appetite. The heat of the summer that drove you to eat less has left and this season your hunger pangs deserve to be treated to some wholesome monsoon awesomeness. These are some quintessential foods you will crave this season and the magic of the monsoon will make sure they're even tastier this season!

Caution: This list is about to make you incredibly hungry.

Roasted Corn Cob / Bhutta - What kind of a monsoon would it be without any good ol fashion bhutta? Corn is to the monsoon season what mangoes or strawberries are to summer and winter. A roasted bhutta generously slathered in salt chilli and lime is not only extremely accessible but healthy to eat. If you can't find a street corner with someone roasting it for you then you could even make this at home and roast it over the stove or grill. Either way it's everyone's favourite and the only time of the year you'll see corn in such abundance.

Bhajia - These are north Indian snacks which are hugely popular. The onion, potato and sometimes chilli snack coated in batter and fried is served with a chutney or sauce and is the ultimate rain food. Bhajias as they are called in Mumbai or Pakodas are they are commonly referred to are filling and satisfy the urge for fried treats which are rampant in the rainy season. It's easily available on the streets but best when cooked at home and made fresh.

Samosa - There isn't a person who doesn't like to occasionally indulge in this all-time favourite snack. Samosas are deep fried savory pastry with potato and spice stuffing and the most elementary snack found in any part of the country.

Chai and Vada Pav - you don't really need a reason, excuse or even a season to drink a cup of tea. Chai is the universally accepted snack and beverage for Indians across the country. Of course in the monsoon season it works as a perfect accompaniment for the vada pav or what we like to call the Indian burger. Fried potato stuffed patty between warm bread and a layer of chutney and spice is Mumbai's favourite snack throughout the year but relished during the monsoon season. It's a spicy snack so be prepared to handle the hotness.

Hot Chocolate - Nothing is more satisfying to the soul than a cup of decadent hot chocolate. If you get caught in even a mild shower, the warmth of that cup of cocoa will make you forget the cold and dampness. It's the perfect pick me up snack and elevates the romance of the monsoons. 

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Article By: Roxanne Bamboat

Roxanne is a pint sized girl who enjoys reading, movies, travel and is obsessed with food. She expresses her love for all things edible in her food blog. A freelancer in her profession, she is able to spend most of her time sampling the city's food offerings and reviews them as well as shares a few of her favourite recipes. More often known as The Tiny Taster, she's decided to take the world by storm - one plate at a time!