Things To Do In Jaipur While You Are There To Watch The Match

The cricket fever is riding high. Fans travel to different cities to watch the matches and witness the madness live. If you are in a different city and have travelled far enough to watch the match you might want to stay on a day or two and get a local flavour of what the city has to offer. If any fans manage to make their way to the pink city of Jaipur, then here are some fun things to do before or after the match!

AMBER FORT- It would be a criminal waste to come all the way to Jaipur city and not pay a visit to the grand Amber fort. Built by Raja Man Singh the first, this fort built with both Hindu and Mughal architecture and has a grand sheesh mahal (mirror palace) within the palace. An exciting experience is taking an elephant ride which will take you to the entrance of the palace.

HAWA MAHAL – Nuilt in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown, this palace of winds has 953 small windows through which the Royal ladies were allowed to look at the street below and every day light without being seen as they were in strict purdah. A great place to visit and another jewel in Jaipur’s crown you shouldn’t miss visiting.

DRIVE DOWN TO PUSHKAR AND VISIT THE BRAHMA TEMPLE – The town of Pushkar usually populated during their famous camel festival, is home to the only Brahma temple in the world. Extremely unusual but nowhere else has a temple been built for Lord Brahma and devotees flock here every chance they get.

CHOKHI DHANI – This Rajasthani village themed resort is open to anyone. You walk into a typical rajasthani village fair which gives you a cultural insight into festive celebrations along with art, craft, entertainment and games of a local village. You can browse through shops and even indulged in some games or a camel ride. The highlight of the Chokhi Dhani experience is their traditional Rajasthani sit down dinner. You are made to eat on the floor in a thali and they serve you authentic Rajasthani food which is delicious. If nothing else the meal is worth the trip as the food is fantastic.

SOME LOCAL SHOPPING – Jaipur is known for cutting and polishing gem stones. In fact it is one of the most popular skills. The city is dotted with local shops selling their arts and crafts and even some beautiful Rajasthani jewellery. From leather goods, bandhani saris, Kurtas, handicrafts and even local or contemporary jewellery, Jaipur is a shopper’s paradise.

By - Roxanne Bamboat

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