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With the FIFA World Cup, the whole world is getting ready to kick start the biggest party of the year. All eyes are on Brazil, which is hosting this elaborate soccer extravaganza, and what better host than the party capital of South America. Brazilians love life, the beach, football, their Caipriana and love to have a good time. After all they are home to two of the biggest parties around the world, the New Years Eve bash at Copacabana beach and the Carnival in Rio. Apart from these two very popular events, the country is dotted with stunning locales and a thirst for enjoyment. If you're lucky enough to witness the football frenzy in Brazil this year, then make sure you hit up some of these spots and party till you drop.

Copacabana and Ipanema beach - Both these beaches, located one after another in the same stretch feature on many 'World's Top Beaches' lists and for very good reason. Not only are they studded with attractive people, but are home to some great beach shacks, a relaxed vibe and parties that not only start in the day but go on well into the night and wind up the very next morning.

Cave and Fosfobox, Copacabana - Copacabana in Rio is extremely popular for its vibrant night life. At the moment two of the hottest club there are Cave which is an underground club and Fosfobox. Both clubs attract a large audience of enthusiastic party goers and since their inception hosted famous Dj's from around the world. Both places have the perfect combination of a crazy crowd and amazing music, making them THE place to go to party the night away. It also helps that it's smack in the middle of the most popular part of the city - Copacabana.

Cabaret Das Rosas, Rio De Janerio - This is a city centre club owned by super model Adriana Lima and has a distinct ambience. The vibe here is a typical 1920's Berlin Burlesque which is set in a stunning colonial styled building and the top floor is converted into a chic stylish club which hosts live performances, great music and smashing cocktails. Despite the fabulous club, It's not the safest area to walk in so it's advisable to get a cab to the door.

The Edge, Sao Paulo - This racy nightclub with four different dance floors is Brazil's answer to Berlin's Panorama Bar. It's the fanciest place in the city for electronic music, with a super sound system and a fantastic ambience. For dance music and club freaks this is your spot.

Botecos and Botequins, Rio De Janerio - These are local watering holes in Rio, which are the equivalent to say a local pub in London. It's a place where friends and family meet up for a drink and snack, laugh, enjoy a conversation and there is a lot of camaraderie among the locals. For the real Brazilian flavour and to enjoy the night like a local does, pop into any one of these neighbourhood bars, knock back a couple of Caiprianas and enjoy the night.
Estabelecimento, Belo Horizonte - This is a popular bar in the city of Belo Horizonte serving small plate appetizers, local snacks and of course more than enough alcohol. It's an ideal place to hang out with the locals and watch a football match, though during the world cup it will be thumping with people and the ambience makes you never want to leave Brazil. Belo Horizonte is known for a lot of such bars which are small street open bars all across the city called ' Botecos'. Pop into anyone of them and the locals will make sure you have a night to remember. Party hard but remember to Live Responsibly!

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