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" If music be the food of love, play on" - William Shakespeare. This quote seems to be fitting for so many. People tend to associate music with feelings of love but in fact any emotion can be expressed through song and music. It is more than just lyrics or notes or even an emotion, music can be an experience. People all over the world pay a steep price to be a part of some breath taking musical experiences and it is only when you have experienced one do you realize the power of music and its universal language and ability to move people. Though any musical show is an experience and will move you, apart from concerts by popular bands and artists we think these are some musical experiences from across the world that you must experience at least once in your lifetime to truly appreciate what music is all about and how versatile it can actually be.

Broadway- Broadway is a musical theatrical performance with a cast of over 40 singers and dancers. It is considered the highest form of theatre and some shows have become iconic like the Lion King, Cats and the Phantom of the Opera. The better term to use would be a musical where there is a lot of song in between the acting and might I dare to compare, it's almost like a Hindi movie in terms of the songs in-between. A musical can be performed in any theatre, but for it to be a Broadway show it has to specifically be performed in the Broadway district of Manhattan New York in any of their theatres. These musicals and Broadway hits have become so popular over the years that some of the shows have even been immortalized on celluloid.

Opera - One of the oldest forms of appreciating music is opera. Though it certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea, the opera is a story that is sung and enacted incorporating, costume, sets essentially exactly like the theatre but unlike broadway or any musical, they are sung in extremely high pitched or deep baritone voices and accompanied by an orchestra. It is usually quite dramatic as the plot usually revolves around a romantic couple that can't get together, with love being a common theme. Even though you may not understand the words as they are sung in Italian, French, Spanish or even Latin, the music is powerful enough to move you to tears even. To be privileged enough to watch a live opera is not something everyone can boast about but to make the art form more accessible there are video recordings easily available. Places where you can experience one of the finest operas are The Metropolitan Opera- New York City, Sydney Opera House and Musikverein- Vienna to name a few.

Western Classical Music Show - Some of the greatest music composers like Beethoven, Bach , Mozart and many more created music centuries ago which are popular even today. With ad films and movies replicating their tunes, the greatest eg is the TITAN watches ad many years ago where the signature tune was lifted from a very prominent piece of classical music. It's difficult to describe the characteristic of classical music but when the Orchestra plays, undoubtedly, it is some of the most moving pieces of music you will ever hear. In fact scientists believe that when a woman is pregnant and she listens to a lot of western classical music, the chances are her child would be a lot more intelligent. Classical concerts are easy to attend all over the world with various phi harmonic orchestras travelling and performing but it also easily accessible through the internet or cds widely available. Royal Albert Hall, London is one of the prominent places where you would find some great performances of Western Classical music.

Jazz Clubs - Jazz music originated in the early 20th century in America and was extremely popular in the 30s and 40s specially with the African American community. It's difficult to define the type of music Jazz is because it can be soulful and deep, mellow even sometimes and then it could even be peppy and uplifting. There is a lot of use of trumpets and saxophone in the music. Countless records and radio stations are dedicated to the genre but there is nothing like watching a live show in one of the clubs specially dedicated to this type of music. As Louis Armstrong, who popularised Jazz music once said " If you don't feel it, you'll never know it." Bombay Club- French Quarter, Blue Nile-Faubourg Marigny/Bywater are some popular clubs in the birthplace of Jazz, New Orleans.

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