Mumbai's Best Romantic Spots for Valentine's Day

It's that time of the year when we usher in February, the month dedicated to cupid and love. The weather behaves itself, people are warm and fuzzy and whether they admit it or not, everyone is keenly awaiting Valentine's Day. While most couples enjoy doing something special on that day, the romantic season starts much earlier than the 14th with numerous long walks, endless drives and countless date nights. No matter when you decide to celebrate, on the 14th, before, or after the date, we've got your covered. These are a few of the city's most romantic dinner destinations, certified to woo you and your partner and make it a memorable night.

Dome: It would be incomplete to compile a list of romantic places in this city and not have Dome feature on it. The Dome at the Intercontinental Hotel doesn't have to do anything, it's strategic location does it all for itself but it doesn't hurt that they create the perfect mood with their subtle lighting and beautiful white decor including the fresh flowers at the table.

Romantic Place in Mumbai

Cafe by the BeachMumbai might be a coastal city but it's not beach town like LA or Miami or any of the others. It's almost criminal to be so close to the water and yet not be able to make the most of its romance. Recently opened Cafe By The Beach takes complete advantage of the sea and is the only and closest access you will have to dining on the beach in the city! Arguably, it doesn't get more romantic than that!

With tables actually on the beach, it's shack like vibe, it's unlike any other spot in the city and oddly enough is extremely romantic both pre and post sunset. The ideal time to visit would be in the evening, so you catch the sunset, experience the magic hour and then watch the ambience change completely. It's going to soon become every couple's go-to spot and deservingly so.

Le Pain QuotidienQuotidien: This restaurant has three different outlets across the city and while some might find it an unusual choice it's actually a perfect date night restaurant. The decor is predominantly wooden, very European in its design and so understated that a meal here ends up being a very romantic night out. 

A bottle of wine, a candle at each table, soft jazz playing, non intrusive staff and some exquisite food—all the makings of a perfect night out!

Nido: This monochromatic restaurant gives you a feel of dining with Alice in Wonderland. It has the quirkiest decor, a lot of white old cane and wooden furniture, bulbs hanging from the ceiling without any lampshades, beautiful old chests with drawers placed in corners and the coolest design on the tiles.

It feels like they have decorated the space from an old lady's garage sale but it's all pieced together so well that it's charming and turned into a gorgeously romantic spot in the city. Nido is unlike any other restaurant in the city in terms of its ambience, decor, menu and delicious food. Don't be surprised to find a lot of couples enjoying themselves over a glass or two of wine.

IndigoAn old school classic, it takes some serious skill to not go out of fashion in today's competitive world. Each area is done up differently from the other with its brightly coloured walls, the soft music playing in the background unless of course you're lucky enough to show up on a night they have a live musical act.

With a terrace space and candle-lit tables, dining at Indigo gives you the feel of dining in a beautiful old home. It's tucked away in a by lane away from the main road traffic and the entire restaurant makes you feel like you're alone and secluded with your partner, anywhere but in Mumbai!

Article By: Roxanne Bamboat

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