Gift an Innovative Diwali!

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Diwali is around the corner and gifting is in full swing. Every year boxes of treats are not only sent out to loved ones and well wishers but dozens are received. Then again how many boxes of ladoos or barfis can you eat? Over the years, these seem to have lost their sweetness. We decided that this Diwali its time to do something a little hatke. All the halwai's need to take a back seat because these home bakers and brands have created a range of ideas for the festival of lights, that have kept with tradition but also added a fun twist!

Cooling Gifts- Diwali presents don't only mean sweets. Companies like Ice Cream Works and Pinkberry are creating special Diwali-themed ice creams and frozen yogurt gift packs which make an interesting yet tasty gifting option.

Charity Giving- As Diwali is all about gifting and giving, it's a perfect occasion to help a good cause. There are many charity foundations and NGO's like OM Creations which create special diyas and chocolate coated nuts for the festive season which are made my handicapped and under privileged children. A gift from such organisation is a gift to more than just one person and really embraces the spirit of giving.

Chocolate Galore- This season Diwali-gifting has taken on a whole new meaning at Sugar Over Dose and they're giving Willy Wonka a run for his money. From chocolate diyas filled with Dutch truffle or red velvet and cream cheese topped with a gulab jamun cake to a gulab jamun and white chocolate mousse! This season chocolate seems to be the new mithai! Cake pops are an excellent way to gift and you could even opt for a bunch of them all brightly coloured and wrapped so they are sent as a bouquet. An edible bouquet is always a lovely surprise.

If you want to send some gorgeous looking gifts, this mother daughter duo at Neeru's cakes and desserts have some beautiful chocolate platters, cake pops, festive flavoured macaroons and a range of desserts to choose from all in pretty gift boxes. As much as it is about the present, it's the packaging that adds a wonderful finish to any gift and they offer some great choice this season.

Brand gifts- restaurants have taken diwali gifting to another level by creating specialised hampers for their dinners. Brands like Cafe Pico and California Pizza Kitchen are creating special hampers with a range of products to simplify the confusing gifting process. From dips, sauces, cheese and a whole lot more, these hampers make excellent gift options. The Gourmet Box is taking this one step further and inventing an entire Diwali themed box filled with items catering exclusively to the festive season.

East meets West- for this diwali how about gifting your gourmet lovers some interesting desserts which beautifully marry traditional sweets with some contemporary ones. Knead with love creates treat boxes which include a host of goodies but the really interesting stuff is their sindhi sev barfi served in a jar, kesar pista favoured pannaccotta and even their taash themes cupcakes!

Image Credits- Picture 1- Ice Cream Works , Picture 2- Pinkberry , Picture 3- Neeru Cakes Desserts , Picture 4- Cafe Pico, Picture 5-California Pizza Kitchen , Picture 6- Knead with love

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