Embark On A Musical Pilgrimage

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If music is your passion or feeds your soul then the musicians and the stories behind the magic must certainly inspire you. It's not always about the lyrics and the music; it is also about the journey. Places that have been iconic in the music world are a source of fascination to every music lover. These spots have become extremely popular tourist sites and are almost like shrines to many fans.

If you want to experience just a slight bit of the magic then these are the places that you must visit!

Graceland - This is the second most visited house in the United States of America as it was home to none other than the king - Elvis Presley. The house serves as a museum filled with memorabilia from Elvis and there are special tours that take you through the house. It's so popular that is attracts an estimated 900,000 visitors a year. It's almost like visiting a castle or any prominent place that was a part of history. And as far as musical history goes, Graceland was and will always be the king. (no pun intended)

Abbey Road - Anyone who's a Beatles fan knows that Abbey Road was their most successful album till date. The album cover is one of the most iconic music album covers. It has the band walking across the road on a zebra crossing, which is ironically right opposite the Abbey road Studios. This studio is iconic itself, as it is one of the biggest recording studios in the world and is home to many famous musicians. For any Beatles fan, walking across that road is like taking a step back in time and for lack of a better word- it's pretty cool!

Jim Morrison's Grave Site - The Doors was one of the greatest rock bands in music history. Their front man and lead singer, Jim Morrison is undoubtedly a legend. After belting out successful records and many hits, sadly Jim Morrison died at the tender age of 28 and left fans mourning for years. Morrison died in Paris and is buried at the Pere Lachaise cemetery. His gravesite has become on of the most attractive tourist spots in Paris and is literally considered a shrine for his fans.

Freddie Mercury's House - Freddie Mercury may have died two decades ago but his music and legacy is very much alive. His fans still mourn his loss and can't get enough of his music or his life. His house, where he last lived and died in, has become a pilgrimage site for many of his fans. It currently belongs to his one time partner and love of his life but that doesn't deter fans from visiting it, leaving messages, and sometimes graffiti. What make this house special is that unlike any other rock stars residence, it isn't glamorous or flamboyant but it seems more real because he spent the last 10 years of his life here, it wasn't just his house it was his home and holds great significance for any Queen fan.

Radio City Music Hall - One of the best music entertainment venues in the world is the Radio City Music Hall in New York City. An extremely popular tourist attraction, it has been around for decades and has been host to some of the biggest musical performances ever. From the rockettes, Bette Midler, Stevie Wonder and Sting, to hosting the Tony awards and many many more, Radio City Music Hall has been integral to music history. Fans don't miss a chance to get a tour of this historical venue but also clamour in line for tickets to watch their favourite artist at one of the best musical venues in the world. For a music lover, this is their ultimate pilgrimage.

Article by - Roxanne Bamboat

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