Discover Dubai’s Culinary Quotient

Dubai is possibly the glitziest, sexiest and most visited part of the United Arab Emirates. Along with its cultural experiences, impressive shopping, fancy hotels and over all fabulousness, the most impressive part about Dubai is its restaurant culture. It's home to some of the most glamorous restaurants in the world and every top chef wants his name attached to a restaurant here.

Of course, Dubai has a lot of local hotspots as well which are equally popular and all this makes it one melting pot of cuisines and flavours. It is impossible to categorise and list out all the trendy and tasty joints but these are some of the highlights that will make your stay in Dubai a little more memorable.

Zuma - If you had to name some of the best restaurants in Dubai, Zuma would top that list. This restaurant has chic ambience, lively service and dishes up some cutting edge Japanese cuisine. Voted restaurant of the year at numerous award functions, Zuma is a must try for Japanese lovers in Dubai city.

PierChic - If you want to dine in one of the most romantic settings in this city, then you must pay a visit to Pierchic. It's aptly named for its gorgeous ambience and for being strategically located at the end of the pier at Al Qasr hotel in Jumeirah. The view is breathtaking as is the food, with seafood being their specialty and this restaurant makes the perfect venue for romantic meal.

Al Fanar - How can you visit Dubai and not indulge in local authentic Emirati cuisine? Al Fanar isn't a glitzy restaurant perched in any fancy hotel but this quirky little canal side restaurant is the best place to experience authentic Emirati food. The decor is slightly traditional and tries to bring back an old world Dubai charm so you feel like you're truly dining in the Emirates. It's a great spot and the food has all their patrons coming back for more.

Al Mahara - If you want to feel like a King for a day, then reserve a table at one of the most beautiful restaurants in town. The only catch is you will be dining underwater surrounded by gorgeous marine life and the most stunning aquatic view you could find in the city. This underwater restaurant at the super luxurious 7 star Burj Al Arab is expensive and exclusive. The ambience makes you feel like you're in a palace beneath the sea and they dish up the freshest seafood guaranteeing you a dining experience quite unlike any other. If you are able to snag a table, you will be dining in style.

Al Mallah - It would be wrong to visit Dubai and not gorge on one of the favourite foods in the city - Shawarma! This Pita bread wrap (for a lack of a better word) with spices and meat is fast food in the middle east and practically a local trend. There are dozens of restaurants and vendors serving the humble dish and to pick THE best shawarma place might be slightly impossible. However one of the best places to indulge in this messy but delicious wrap is the down to earth and common Al Mallah which has a couple of chains across the city. Love or hate it, you can't leave Dubai without digging into this greasy feast.

Article by - Roxanne Bamboat

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