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published time By Roxanne Bamboat published time 26 May, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

South Africa is an extremely diverse country with enough wildlife and natural beauty to keep you spellbound for a very long time. The country is dotted with national parks or game reserves and if it's a crazy safari adventure you want, look no further. However, choosing the best out of so many options can be tricky. If you want to go into the wild with a little style and luxury, the Phinda Game Reserve is your ideal option. If it's a heady cocktail of wildlife, gorgeous jungles, luxury and style, we have the perfect South African Safari experience for you! Here are 7 reasons why you need to visit Phinda right now!

The Landscape & Sunsets - One of the very first things that will take your breath away is the ridiculously beautiful sunsets in Africa. Phinda is no different. Be it an early morning drive or an evening one, the way the sky lights up when the sun decides to wake up is just magical and to witness it in the wild is beyond spectacular.

The Luxurious AndBeyond Resorts - AndBeyond has many exquisite properties in Phinda and there is absolutely no stone unturned to ensure your stay at any of their resorts is an indulgent one. The rooms and bathrooms are stunning with their own private outdoor and Jacuzzi ( don't be startled if a little kudu (deer) comes up to say hi while you're lounging in your open air tub! The room comes furnished with every possible amenity including a very thoughtful mosquito repellent and electrical sockets to fit all sorts of plugs at strategic points in the room ­­- it really is the little things that make your trip). The food is delicious and the resorts are strategically located inside the reserve which means the animals roam free and you are privy to some gorgeous views from all parts of the resort.

The Wildlife & Animals - It goes without saying that the most powerful attraction in Phinda is their animals. While the world comes to South Africa to see the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Rhinoceros, Water Buffalo & African Elephant) Phinda is home to all of them and a lot more. If you're lucky you can see not only the big five but zebra, giraffe, cheetah, wildebeest, warthogs, impala, monkey, crocodiles and many other inhabitants of the jungle. From dangerous predators to big mammals, Phinda has them all which makes it an exciting adventure when you're out in the bush spotting one after another.

The Rangers - Have you ever experienced a safari where you end up with the most unenthusiastic rangers who want nothing more than to just drive you around quickly and get out of the park? Well the rangers here are the exact opposite. It is a joy to have such dedicated drivers and rangers who go out of their way to hunt, track and get you as close to the animals as possible. They make sure you are informed about various details and wildlife trivia and take it upon themselves to make sure you have a beautiful experience in Phinda every time you are out in the bush.

Private Reserve & Night Safari - The real treat with Phinda is that it is a private reserve which means that you have to book your stay in the reserve and unlike other parks it isn't possible to just do a day trip or a single safari. The highlight of the entire stay here is that there are no fixed rules for safari timings, you can leave for an evening safari at about 3.30 - 4pm and stay out as late as 8.30 - 9pm. Here, you get to witness the gorgeous sunset in the wild along with an experience at the night safari which is a bit of a rarity in many other parks. The animals are sighted often at night when it is slightly cooler. To be able to drive around at night is a big thrill because you end up seeing some great nocturnal activity including leopards hunting or even lions walking about.

Dining In The Wild - One of the greatest indulgences at AndBeyond in Phinda is that they create this gorgeous camp fire setting and put a lavish dinner spread smack down in the middle of the bush! Grilled meats, choice of salads and meats and a who lot more with heady cocktails with beautifully set dining tables all in the middle of nowhere is a very luxurious way to eat dinner! It gives camp fire dinners a whole new meaning.

Various Tours Other Than The General Safari - Apart from just the safari and going into the bush which is nothing short of magical, AndBeyond in Phinda offers various other tours and activities in case you want to explore further. They range from visiting a local Zulu village to see and experience how they live and what their traditions and rituals are to tracking a black rhino on foot which means following track marks and walking through the bush in order to find this elusive and slightly rare animal. You could even opt for their endangered wild cats project which includes a guided tour of a rehabilitation and breeding centre in South Africa.

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