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published time By Roxanne Bamboat published time 23 Jul, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Indian F&B industry has witnessed various new trends in the last two years, where 2013 witnessed trend that made every restaurant try its hands at molecular gastronomy and 2014 was touted as a year of innovation. And, 2015 is seen to be filled with global trends as well as traditional dishes keeping up their pace. Food, like fashion, has gained tremendous popularity and now, it is considered cool to go and eat at certain restaurants and indulge in different dishes and cuisines. Some might seem more weird than others and some in fact innovative and gain popularity. Whether you agree with it or not, these are the trends some of which came and went swiftly and others which have morphed into something much more.

1. Black Food

The first bit of crazy that has hit India is the sudden rage for the black burger. In a day and age where chefs go out of their way to make plates look appealing and Instagram has become a medium through which restaurant decisions are made, it is surprising that food as black as the night is considered interesting. From the black bun burger to even squid ink pasta, this trend slowly seems to be gaining momentum.

Where To Try: The MoBar Burger at Monkey Bar, Delhi

2. Mini Food

From big hearty pots of food and large plates of substantial 'mains',  we've now moved to a more refined plate. The food presented is a work of art and chefs have geared towards the 'less is more concept '. From big dim sum baskets with a minimum of 6 pieces they have now shrunk to a 3 pieces. Desserts like cheesecakes and cupcakes have shrunk to tiny bite sized portions which patrons seem to have embraced.

Where To Try: Mini Tacos at The Irish House, Mumbai

3. Fusion Food

The biggest trend in India that doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon is fusion food. This mix and match way of eating has purist frown and disapprove but the over public seems to embrace this medley of flavours. Perfect examples of fusion food that you see on most menus are tandoori flavoured pizza, butter chicken or chicken tikka pasta or risottos, Thai flavoured dim sums and so on. Approve or not, this trend is here to stay.

Where To Try: Durust Sarson Lobster at Spice Terrace, Bangalore

4. Regional Food

Another very interesting trend that is slowly catching steam is the reinvention and highlight of local regional cuisines in India. People are stepping away from the Chinese, Italian, Mexican and even popular North Indian cuisines and exploring local regional food. In the last year itself cuisines like Parsi food, Bohri thals, Malayali food and even Sindhi food have gained tremendous popularity. Mostly due to small home chefs and caterers that are providing special meals, the interest in food has gone more local. The internet is full of such home chefs clamouring to give you an experience of their regional cuisine.

Where To Try: Pindi Chole at Gucchi, Kolkata

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