12 - Dec

IMW Focus Group Sessions 2015 - Mumbai @ Todi Mill Social

242, Mathuradas Mill Compound, Todi Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai.
10:00 am - 05:00 pm   

IMW Focus Group Sessions are a derivative of the IMW Conference feature of the India Music Week Festival (since 2011) were started in 2015. They are geared towards creating a more intimate environment for aspirants in music business (ranging from musicians, writers, designers, filmmakers, promoters, booking agents etc.) while creating a direct chat with a panel of experts. IMW FGS 2014 saw a wide range of experts including Sneha Khanwalkar, Sameer Pittalwala (CEO, Culture Machine), Miti Adhikari (Ex-BBC), Sam Adhikari (Ex-BBC), Arjun S. Ravi (NH7), Tarsame Mittal (T.M. Artist Management), Nucleya etc. With this edition the sessions delve into different elements of a the journey of a musician starting from forming a band, composing music , recording, design and all the way up to performing live, planning tours and the prospects for an independent musician in advertising and film music . Panelists this year include - Ram Sampath (Composer/Producer) Vijay Basrur (Ok Listen!) Sameer Pittalwala (CEO, Culture Machine) Sameer Kulavoor (Bombay Duck Designs) Donn Bhat ( Musician) Arjun S. Ravi (OML) Naveen Deshpande (Mixtape- Artist Management & Production) Tej Brar (Artist Manager, OML) Sohail Arora (KRUNK- Artist Management) Rohan Ramanna (Drummer/Producer, Band-Nicholson) Bobby Talwar ( Founder OML, Current - Bookmyshow) Rudy Wallang ( Musician, Guitars - Soulmate) Aquib Wani (Designer) Uddipan Sarmah ( Guitar/Vocals - Aswekeepsearching) Format: We invite aspirants to register online in each city and invite them to the venue based on their interest and reasons to attend these sessions. A panel of experts are invited to interact with participants through discussions & workshops. The experts can differ in each city or remain the same. Agenda: Building capacities to aspire! We want to get away from stages, podiums, projection screens and boring discussions. We wish for productive outcomes through informal and relevant dialogue. Free registrations on register.indiamusicweek.com


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