Plan a party… Game of Thrones style!

Winter is coming. Do these words sound familiar?  Bonus scores to those who can guess which house slogan this is from the series called Game of Thrones! As each one of us are desperately waiting for the new season to know whether the most loved character, Jon Snow is alive or NOT, why not indulge in a little Game of Thrones shindig in the meanwhile?

The lavish and classy world of Westeros, with its incredibly detailed decor, heraldry, food and drink just encourages you to throw a GoT themed party.  Planning a Game of Thrones themed party is not as difficult as it seems to be. Here’s a list of ideas you can definitely accomplish. Follow these instructions and make your party the next talk of town. 


The Iron Throne

No GoT themed party is complete without the Iron Throne. Make it at home with the help of duct tapes, a plastic chair, rulers and other readily-available materials from your local hardware or craft shops. 

The colourful banner

Print your favourite house’s name on a sheet of paper or as individual alphabets and simply tie them to a rope or string. You can also use the letters individually for various other projects.

Dragon eggs

Dragons are known to be the symbol of power and it had turned the tide to the advantage of Daenerys Targaryen. All you need is 3 plastic Easter eggs, paper punch, red, green and tan coloured papers, acrylic paint, scissors and glue. Give your party that extra edge with these fearsome looking dragon eggs. 

Food & Beverages   

The series has shown the setting similar to that of Medieval England. And, if you are looking for authenticity - meat pies, roast and ale it is. However, if you looking for something fun and crazy, experiment with different food ideas as long as you manage to spin it with a touch of GoT. 

One can never go wrong with roast chicken. Moreover, now you can create a rustic ambience, by simply placing all that delicious food onto a wooden table.
P.S. You can also dye your white tablecloth with coffee if you must and sprawl it across. Tada! Your ambience is ready!


Create a menu with the names of cocktails and dishes as Blood of the dragon, Kingslayer, We do not Sow and so on. You can also name the menu as “The Drinking Game of Thrones”.


As the title of the series suggests, what’s a Game of Thrones themed party without some crazy games? Here are a few suggestions for you:

a) Game of Thrones

Basically, it is just musical chairs! Except the winner gets to sit on the Iron Throne. Thrilling, ain’t it?

b) Joffrey Pinata

Any person who has watched the series has played with the idea of smashing Joffrey into tiny pieces. We have a legal way for you. Make a Joffrey Pinata and get started.  

If you want to amp it up even more with the best Bartenders and DJs, simply download the “Party Buzzer” app and get started.  

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