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“I believe when life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.” ― Ron White

When it comes to entertaining, there are myriad dos and don’ts. A party can be lavish or simply elegant, the choice is yours. You can hire a party planner to execute it down to its last detail or plan it yourself with a few easy tips. Whether it is entertaining a small number of friends and family or hosting a large soiree, the thumb rule is ensuring that no guest stays hungry or thirsty! There’s nothing worse or more embarrassing than running out of food (unless the party is so successful and you couldn’t control the gatecrashers, in that case all is forgiven!).

Party Perfect

Theme based parties are the need of the hour as much as relaxed, chilled out evening with close friends are too. Although you may have a plethora of ideas which can be executed, the best ones are always those with a few intimate, close friends with whom you could make it a day or night of! Men are competitive in nature and that is no secret. For the ladies of the house who want to let their hair down, drink and not have to worry about planning elaborate menus can have a “Masterchef” cook off theme for their evening/ or afternoon to show-off their spouse’s culinary skills!

This can be a lot of fun only if the setting is intimate with about 6-8 people (keep in mind the men are not professional cooks and cooking for a larger number of people could prove quite disastrous even!) The first step is deciding on the guest list. It is crucial to ensure that all guests get along with and know each other well in order to keep competition healthy and in check. After you have decided on that, speak to wives who will give you not only an honest, but also a realistic evaluation of their husband’s culinary capabilities!

The host who is gracious enough to let their kitchen be the venue to the men folk, must remember to be prepared for a visual holocaust of sorts after they finish (of course to make your life simpler, one mandatory clause or stipulation is cleaning your own mess!) Assign starters, main course and desserts to the men. Ingredients will be bought by the participants and they can decide how intricate or easy they want to keep it. Simple and minimal are key instructions (all dishes could belong to the same cuisine but if the guests are happy with multi-cuisine dishes, that is acceptable too) while deciding the menu; one or two non-vegetarian and vegetarian starters, for the main course restrict the meat selection to chicken and lamb so that it is easy to cook (and rectify if need be). Vegetarian guests you could be served mixed vegetable (semi dry or a gravy dish) and dal. This can be served with flatbreads and steamed rice. The dessert menu can feature the all new no bake dessert trends have caught up in a big way so the participating guest could make one or two of that. Make sure you also have a popular flavoured ice cream in the freezer too! Here it would be prudent to have a back-up plan just in case the evening doesn’t go the way it was planned. In a worst case scenario you can always salvage the situation by ordering from your favourite restaurant.

If the host suffers from OCD and shudders at the mere thought of a mess, they can assign a dish or two to each participant. Their wives or partners must film this to prove its authenticity. To make it a truly pleasurable afternoon or evening, set up the projector, kick off your shoes and watch your friends find their way around the kitchen to prove their culinary talent!

No party is ever complete without alcohol so make sure you stock up well on the single malts, wine and beer, so that the men can cook and drink and the women, well they can just drink!

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