Let's Bring The House Down with a Convenient House Party

Are you done with the excessively crowded clubs where there’s no crowd and music filter? We understand your misery and here’s why we think that pledging to indulge in house parties is a much better bet. And guess what, there’s no time limit unlike in a club where you wish that the DJ could play at least one more track.

But as fancy as the concept sounds, arranging a house party is an act where your organisational skills are put to test. While the guest list is yours, so is the music and the hours till which the party stretches, you could use a few tips to make this otherwise cumbersome task easier and less taxing. The one most significant thing to keep in mind is to delegate work and divide responsibilities amongst friends as opposed to playing a high-flying, solo host and bearing the brunt of the stress and inconvenience to handle multiple tasks.

Tip no. 1
Well, you can’t expect to throw a party and have people feel hungry or left with no choice of alcohol, right? While food can either be furnished from your kitchen or be called for as home delivery, to identify the booze requirements is tricky and also, an expensive affair. While some stick to Smirnoff, others would want to savour Black Dog. So, the best way is BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze). Each person can carry a quarter or bottle of what they’d like to drink and make it a whole lot easier for the host and also themselves.

Tip no. 2
What really gets the party started, especially when people are tipsy, is good music. You can’t wait to see who can plug in their phone and play some good tracks but what you can and should do is pick out that one friend who can be the DJ for the night. Set a playlist for the night much in advance and then you’ll have the entire crowd grooving to your music.

Tip no. 3
Drinking games break the monotony of conversations. For how long can people keep nodding and talking. So, the best deal is to decide on some drinking games where either they need to keep sipping on their whiskeys/vodkas or down the drinks, maybe even have shots! There’s no fun without some happily drunk people at a party. This time around, do the daring whiskey shots!

Tip no. 4
You need to ensure that the guests pool in to make this bash a success, whether in dividing responsibilities before the party or even after it. The mess after a party is more difficult to deal with than anything else. Ask for help to throw the dishes in the sink, pick up the cigarette butts and clear up the house before the night ends since taking up the task next morning in your hung-over state might just leave you questioning as to why you ever organised the party!

Well, since you have all the tricks to host a party up your sleeve, maybe it’s time to raise a toast? Want to do the daring Black Dog shot for starters?

If you wish to throw a house party, simply click here.

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