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Hosting a memorable house party is so much fun. You’ll love the fact that your friends remember your party for years to come. If you like to plan things with your friends and ensure everybody is having an awesome time, you should think about hosting a house party. You don’t want your house party to be anything less than memorable. You don’t even need an occasion! Whether you want to have a crazy night or something more relaxed, you can use this guide. So, what can you do to make sure it’s a hit with all of your friends? Let’s take a look!


Start Planning it in Advance

For a memorable house party, you need to plan in advance. It would be great if we could all throw a memorable house party off the cuff, but it doesn’t always work that way unfortunately! Occasionally you may be able to pull a last minute party out of the bag; some people do say that the unplanned nights are the best. That being said, planning never hurt anybody and you know you stand a better chance of success. Plan everything, from who you’ll invite to how long you want it to go on for. The more thought you put into the planning process, the more successful it’ll likely be. Why not grab a notebook and start writing down your plans in there? Think of everything you can possible think of that will contribute to your party! Just don’t get too attached to certain ideas, just in case you can’t make them come to fruition when you go out to buy and book things. You need to be flexible, and try to remain relaxed. You don’t want to feel unable to enjoy your party on the day because you’re worried about something going wrong. It’s a good idea to make up a few beds just in case people stay over. You can even call cabs in advance to make sure everybody arrives home safely at the end of the night.


Invite the People You Love

Invite people you love to your house party. Good friends, family, and even people you’d like to get to know better. Make sure that everybody you invite will get along well, and that conversation won’t dry up. Introduce people you feel will get along too. You might help a few people make new friends for life! Just make sure there’s enough room for everybody.


Sign Post the House

Sign post your house for people who haven’t been there before. It’ll stop people from approaching you all night just to ask where the toilet is! It’ll probably also stop somebody from being sick in the sink, or worse, the coat cupboard.


Come Up With Entertainment and Games Ideas

Having entertainment and games at a house party is a good way to keep spirits high and make sure everybody is having fun. There are so many party games you can play, including drinking games. However, it all depends on the kind of event you want to throw. You could hire entertainment, or make your own. You won’t need too many games or entertainment ideas though. After all, people are pretty good at making their own entertainment!


Make a Playlist for the Night

Make a playlist to set the tone for your party. It’s really easy to do this with the help of Spotify, iTunes, or even just YouTube. If you want everybody to get up and dance at some point, make sure you include tracks that are going to make them want to do that! If you want a fairly relaxed, classy night, include songs that will promote that. Your playlist can make all the difference to how the night turns out. Make sure it’s as long as your party will be to avoid songs repeating after a while. Also, ensure that the mix of songs is eclectic to suit the people at the party. Everybody will have different tastes in music!


Stock Up on Food and Drink

You must stock up on food and drink to keep your guests happy. Running out will probably make your party a disaster, so ensure you have more than enough to keep everybody going. Have beverages for people who will want a drink and those who will want to stay sober. Come up with some cocktails/mocktails to make the night fun! Finger food is great, just make sure you present it nicely so it looks appealing to your guests. If you’re only inviting a few people for a more intimate party, you could consider cooking a meal for them. It’s up to you! If you’re sticking to a strict budget, consider asking politely if they’ll bring something to drink that everybody can share.

Checkout our Cocktail-directory to make that perfect drink for the night!


Set the Tone for the Night with Your Decor

Your decor can make a huge difference to the tone of the night. Depending on what you want the mood of the night to be, your decor will help you to set it. Make sure you purchase balloons, banners, buntings, and anything else that will help you make your house look like a party venue. You can get as creative as you like here. There are lots of tutorials you can look at to help you make it look awesome! Put in an effort and get everybody in the party spirit.


Get Creative and Theme it

Why not decide on a theme your house party? You can do any theme you want, from Bollywood stars to superheroes. What do you think your guests will enjoy most? Make sure you include this information when you send out your invites. Get people to dress up, bring props, and prepare themselves for a really good time. A theme always differentiates your house party from the rest and will make it stand out in your guest’s minds!

There you have it; how to host a memorable house party! Whether you’re planning a small get together with a few loved ones and a sit down meal, or a big event with lots of booze, these tips will work well for you. Don’t forget to relax and have a good time yourself!

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